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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thanks, JoJo

JoJo has given me this award, for which I would like to offer my gratitude. It's always so nice to be appreciated.

Now I have to pass it on to 7 others.

Easy and difficult at the same time. Easy to think of candidates, difficult to pare them down to 7

Of course, the goddess of D'Onofriodom, Eliza, cannot go unrewarded. Without her, there would be no Life and Vincent, among many other V-blogs.

Then there's Diane and Tess,, with their wit and their unique view of V-life.

Jazzy and Lozzie bring new levels of ingenuity and skill to the art of V-blogging.

Aprilspring is a worthy newcomer to our little clan.

Basric must be the hardest working V-blogger - she produces huge numbers of pictures per episode with script/commentary. A real tour-de-force.

For something completely different, try Olga the Traveling Bra She's been visiting Drowsey Monkey recently, and they are as mad as one another. I'd give Drowsey the award, but JoJo beat me to it.

Last, but not least, for those of you who like to ponder the political situation in the US from a left-of-centre point of view, there's Pabulum Ad Nauseam Boston Betty, Gunga Dean and our own dear Snarkangel contribute (as should I, but my time is taken up completely with servicing my Vincent needs and yours).

Like JoJo, I've lost the ability to do the links properly. Someone will remind me, and this time I will save it in my documents!


SnarkAngel said...

Wow! So very flattered to be included in such an AMAZING group of bloggers! I will be sure to pass this on to GUNGA DEAN, since I know it will make his day, as much as it made mine. And just as appreciated, Val, are your comments and contributions over at Pabulum. Although the blog was almost on "hiatus" for awhile due to much personal drama, it seems to be back up and running at a normal pace once again. XOXOXO

jazzy said...

congratulations to you, dear Val!!
my congratulations also goes to Snark (who got TWO awards today - wow!), to Eliza, The Cats, Aprilspring, Basric and Olga and Lozzie!
you guys really deserved the award :) your blogs are brillante and so YOU are!!!

JoJo said...

Great choices Val!! It was darn hard for me to pick just 7...that's why I had to give a nod to everyone else.

Anonymous said...

The Valetine Cat would like to blush and thank Vincent D'Onofrio (and Val!)

Bravo to our fellow V-lovers too.

Eliza said...

Thank you Val!!!

As long as people enjoy VOV as much as I enjoy coming up with posts all is well with my world,but this makes it even better :-)

Congratulations to everyone else too :-D

Tess said...

Thanks Val! Congratulations to the other bloggers, it nice to be included in such a wonderful group :)

aprilspring said...

Wow! Thanks for the award. I really appreciate it. Congratulations to you too.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Thank you!!! I shall proudly display this on my nice big rack of awards!

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Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Ooops! Here's how to do it!

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Except use these symbols < > in place of { }

cathy said...

Congrats! I just found your email.
Haven't been blogging much,sorry it took me so long to respond:)

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