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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thanks, JoJo

JoJo has given me this award, for which I would like to offer my gratitude. It's always so nice to be appreciated.

Now I have to pass it on to 7 others.

Easy and difficult at the same time. Easy to think of candidates, difficult to pare them down to 7

Of course, the goddess of D'Onofriodom, Eliza, cannot go unrewarded. Without her, there would be no Life and Vincent, among many other V-blogs.

Then there's Diane and Tess,, with their wit and their unique view of V-life.

Jazzy and Lozzie bring new levels of ingenuity and skill to the art of V-blogging.

Aprilspring is a worthy newcomer to our little clan.

Basric must be the hardest working V-blogger - she produces huge numbers of pictures per episode with script/commentary. A real tour-de-force.

For something completely different, try Olga the Traveling Bra She's been visiting Drowsey Monkey recently, and they are as mad as one another. I'd give Drowsey the award, but JoJo beat me to it.

Last, but not least, for those of you who like to ponder the political situation in the US from a left-of-centre point of view, there's Pabulum Ad Nauseam Boston Betty, Gunga Dean and our own dear Snarkangel contribute (as should I, but my time is taken up completely with servicing my Vincent needs and yours).

Like JoJo, I've lost the ability to do the links properly. Someone will remind me, and this time I will save it in my documents!


That's the title of this episode according to the jacket of Season 3.

It would appear that I didn't finish capping this episode either. I think I went through a phase of not having enough time to finish an episode, and it seems that I never remembered which ones, so I didn't return to them.

"I am going to have to discipline you severely for this oversight, Val."

"You see what you missed by not working Vice?"

Ooh, the long-legged stomp.

Perfect eyebrows without the plucking.

Bishop didn't enjoy this. Diddums.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Shock horror! I haven't capped the entire episode! How on earth did that happen?

I'd like to have MY hand on VINCENT'S knob...

He's just getting his lips ready for a big, juicy kiss.

How can she be that close and still conscious?

Crouching Bobby again.

Oh, woofy woof woof.

I'm hiding in the darkest corner waiting to jump on you, darling.

Down we hunker again.

He's seen me. He looks scared. Well, I do intend to f**k him to death.

He survived!
Either I'm losing my touch or he has more staying power than I thought humanly possible

"I'm looking, and I think I can see what the Vixens get all het up about."

Camera - down a bit!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Timing is Everything

Tonight I have the opportunity on The History Channel's "Ice Road Truckers" to win - a trip to Iceland!

What, to try and locate all those funds our local Councils deposited in their banks before their government nationalised and froze them?

The councils want OUR government to bail them out. That will be OUR money they use. To pay back OUR money, for use on US.

The games they play with OUR money.

I performed my duty

Yes, The Gift has been duly capped, at great personal expense. You know how much I hate watching episodes of the show.

Out, damned lightbulb.

"Do I look cute like this?"

Smile, you're on camera.

A treat for you hand fetishists.

There's another one of those little curls...

I want him crouching in my bedroom. Not to examine a nightlight though.


No comment.

This crouching has got to STOP! It gets my imagination working overtime :)

Even less comment.

OK, OK, so I'm a hand fetishist too.

Do you think they make his suit sleeves too tight on purpose?

You don't have to sit on a table, Bobby. Come here and sit on my bed.

Oh, good lord, every one more handsome than the last.
What's a girl (or boy, Snarkangel) to do?

I don't even like stubble. Except on this hunk.

Sympathy? Empathy? His reaction was more affecting than the mother's, that's for sure.

Wide-eyed and wonderful.

Cuties and Scaries

They have a new contributor to the Animals in Action show at the zoo. They have animals doing what comes naturally, though of course safely trained so that they don't do a disappearing act.
Here he is - a burrowing owl. Isn't he a sweetie?

The otters were enjoying the late summer sunshine.

This one fell asleep inside a hollow tree trunk. Aaahh...

After his long, repeated and VERY intimidating roaring session, the lion settled back down.
His girlfriend came and tried to get on his good side.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Better Late Than Never

On my way back from the zoo (see post below) I realised - at 5.30, while waiting for the train - that I had a local meeting to attend at 6.30.

I did a flying visit home, then arrived at the meeting for refreshments :) But I didn't get back home for good till after 9.30. Tonight's post should be The Gift, but it's another episode I have not capped. The mother really annoys me, and I just want to give her a good slap. Bobby's too nice to her.

So as not to disappoint my public, I'll just nip across to Photobucket and choose some piccies to share.

And Tricia, if you want to get in touch with Snarkangel about getting a copy of Guy, I have ways of putting you in touch. Just leave a comment and I will let you in on my secret.

Ah, the irresistible Olee.

Not many actors of his generation could convince as football players.

Even fewer could pass for blind.

Fewer still could throw the furniture out of the window.

No others could tempt us with such a view.

Only he could offer such a cute butt view.

Who else has such a superb set of hands?

Only Vincent.

Don't sulk now, sweetheart. We love you very much.

We want to kiss your sweet little nose.

Don't laugh. It's true.

You are perfect.

Even from the back.

Yes, definitely from the back...

The torso we would die to embrace.

We love you Olee.

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