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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Three in One

We have THREE VDO films on in the UK tonight - Guy, The Cell and FMJ. I have only capped Guy, which I posted quite recently, and I can't post the others without going over to Eliza's website to borrow. As I have just lost most of the evening in (wonderful, wouldn't-have-missed-them-for-the-world) phone calls, I don't have time to do that, so I'm just going to leap into my Bucket albums and throw in something even I'm not expecting.

Lookee here - up came Cold Comfort!

Madi's made it!

Had a phone call from Madi about an hour ago. She's in England - yay!

True to form, British Bureaucracy has messed up her paperwork. The guy she saw on Monday had left by Friday, and as he didn't even know what he was doing, he can't possibly have passed much on to his successor.

Can't wait till we all have the chance to hook up.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Vocab Builder

I just rediscovered my book of weird words and thought a couple I found would fit nicely into V-sentences.

Paizogony: love play; petting
Sapid: having a pleasant flavour; having intellectual interest.

"While engaged in paizogony with Vincent D'Onofrio, I discovered how sapid he is - in both senses of the word."


Clever Bobby v. Slime Personified.

Not forgetting, of course, the Harold Shipman lookalike. Pity the real thing's dead, I'm not a vengeful person, but I would like to think he'd spent longer suffering in jail.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Political Correctness gone bonkers

Not long after I'd had my hip replaced, the John Lewis department store at the huge Bluewater shopping centre installed grab rails in their public toilets. The cubicles are not very wide, and the further restriction of rails on BOTH SIDES made it very difficult for someone on the large side, with limited flexibility (like me on both counts) to get inside and close the door.

At the second attempt, I managed to get someone to look into the reasons for this ridiculous attempt to make the toilets more "accessible" to disabled people.

Guess who they are doing it for? People with one arm - they could be missing either arm, after all. Why does the loss of an arm mean someone needs a grab rail in a toilet? Surely that's not who grab rails are designed to help? Aren't they for people like me, who are stiff and doddery from things like arthritis?

But I ask you - how common is it to have only one arm, compared to a hip replacement or arthritis? No other store in the shopping centre has such a ludicrous set-up, nor do the shopping centre toilets themselves, which are much wider anyway.

There is actually a disabled toilet next door to the main toilets. The fact that the flashy electronic lock rarely works should be more of a concern to the store's management, rather than misinterpreting the accessibility requirements.

I just emailed Head Office. I will keep you posted on any further nonsense I hear from the Jobsworths.

My Shortcomings

These are many, but at the moment, what is on my mind is how many gaps there are in my episode-capping. Fica Di Capo is on tonight, and it's the second in a row I haven't yet got sorted.

I hope you don't mind some Good Luck instead.

Just look at those shoulders!

God I love this film.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


On the subject of cats - see below - while at the zoo on Monday I overheard a woman talking to her husband and child in front of the Serval enclosure.

"It's a meerkat. I'm sure it's a meerkat."

Strangely enough, I was able to put her right.



Not much difference then.

Of Cats and Kings

Well, not the kings, actually, but cats - mmm.

I have seven cats. I never intended to have this many. I do not breed them. They all happened into my life in some other way.

When I saw the Ashera, I was stunned. I really wanted one - though as it is HUGE (just look at the size of the one next to the young girl) and a cross between the Asian Leopard Cat, the Serval and an undisclosed domestic cat, it would probably savage my existing cats. It also costs up to £17,600, so forget it.

The Bengal cat is a more manageable version of the wild-looking cat, being a cross just between the Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic breed. It is now down to an F5 hybrid, so not very close to the wild animal any more.

A friend is the secretary of the Bengal Cat Society, and it appears that a woman member has died unexpectedly, leaving 9 cats without homes. Not all are purebred (she-cats on heat being as devious as they are and always on the lookout for a scruffy tom to mate with) but all are beauties. And they are looking for new homes.

I wonder how my cats would take to a mini leopard in the house...


Ill Bred is on tonight. It's another one I haven't capped 'cos I don't like it that much. So here's one they are not letting us see AGAIN next week.

My album for Want is a bit mixed up, so the selection is limited. Luckily that doesn't mean a lack of yummy pictures of our lovely man.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, I will be. Or my kitchen will.

When I moved into this house in 1977 (yikes!) the kitchen floor - which is over a four foot high cellar - had been covered in hardboard and tiled. It was pretty scruffy, and took days to dry when I'd mopped it, so when I had the kitchen remodelled I laid carpet tiles. Later I replaced that with proper kitchen carpet.

In 2000 I had the kitchen remodelled again, and this time a patch of floor which had been left unboarded under the original units was revealed. Having a decent new floor laid was an expense too far, so I had carpet laid again. But it is now covered in stains like (hold down your supper) cat puke, and trying to scrub it out just stretches the stuff.

So today I went to a flooring shop and discussed the problem with a guy there. (I didn't mention the cat puke). He is sending the fitter round to size everything up, and all being well, I have chosen the most expensive vinyl in the store. It's guaranteed against wear for 20 years. Should see me out then!


A very clever episode, but not one of my favourites.

UK Vixens, do you agree that the son looked like Alan Davies? It totally detracted from his scenes.

And to remind the UK Vixens as well as inform the US ones, I've added a picture of Alan Davies with his wally hair.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Part 1 was last week, Part 2 is tomorrow. As I have no caps of tonight's offering of The Saint (probably the most absurd episode there ever was) I thought I'd treat myself to some classic Bobby.
This could be MY dark blue shirt!

And let's not forget Ocean's Two:

Sorry the first picture's blurred, but it's a tempting pose...

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