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Saturday, April 19, 2008

False Hearted Gojis

I saw some goji berries in the health food store today and thought I'd try some, after hearing about them in False Hearted Judges.

Bleuch! (That's French for Yuck.)


...first appearance of Bobby in jeans, leather jacket...

...and the BTSOH.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy Two Days

Well, thanks, Blogger, for loading up my life in reverse order!

Today I went to the zoo (just for a change...) where they've opened up a new tropical bird house. There's even a part of it where you get wet when they spray it with a warm mist.

Outside there is a huge automaton clock which does all sorts of amazing things on the hour and half hour. The theme, unsurprisingly, is birds. The little mechanical critters disappear then reappear all over the place, then two have a fly round. It's great fun.

The meerkats were enjoying their heat lamps. One was actually reaching up with both paws andgripping his, but I didn't get my camera out in time, so I had to do with second best.

Yesterday I went out to dinner with two old school friends. We'veknow each other for over 40 years, but we don't get together very often. To be honest, we now live in such different worlds, I'm not sure I want to repeat the experience. They spent most of the evening discussing their many and varied trips around the world. They obviously have no intention of trying to reduce their carbon footprints, though one of them has children to save the planet for. (In fact, they've become globetrotters like mum and dad.) When I said I was going to the zoo today, Jen said, "Why?" Lesley spoke about wearing a fur, Jen said she'd wear one if she knew where to get one. They don't know me any more, and I certainly don't know them. In fact, to be honest, they've turned into people I'm not sure want to know.

But they did both know who Vincent is, and enjoy his portrayal of Goren in the show.

Art of the Heart

Way back when I first started capping, this was one of my first efforts.

I recall that just before it reached the end, when Goren was walking round Sylvia Moon, the DVD froze and I couldn't finish the capture. But for some reason I only have pictures up to the visit to the art expert with the overhead projector. I have no idea what happened to the others. I probably saved them accidentally to the wrong folder - but which one?

It seems to me that Vincent was particularly handsome in this episode, and his eyelashes are particularly long.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some "One" To Love

We are back to at least 5 Bobby fests a week, from the beginning, so - here's the beginning!


The nonsense blurb for Wrongful Life is not the first I've noticed on the Sky Info screen, but there is a curious follow up to the mistake I mentioned yesterday.

Last night, as I've intimated, was Wrongful Life on Hallmark. LOCI's Shrink-Wrapped was on Channel 5 on Friday night. But on ITV1 last night it really was Dexter, and this episode was called Shrink Wrap. Dexter really did go undercover to investigate a psychiatrist.

And guess who played the shrink?

Tony Goldwyn!

I do love these perfectly circular, freak links.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Space Junk

Thought you might like to see this picture of the Earth taken by the European Space Agency. Seems we're not satisfied just littering up the surface of the planet.

Wrongful Life

When I went to play this back on Sky+, the information displayed on the screen said, "Shrink Wrap: Crime drama in which a police forensics expert leads a double life as a serial killer. Dexter goes undercover to investigate a psychologist who might be a murderer."

Apart from the wrong episode of the wrong show with the wrong lead character, a pretty good description of what we were about to watch.

It's Fixed!

Today I took the gizmo that ruined my computer back to PC World. I got a refund and the Techy said he thought I would have to remaster my machine. NOOOOOOO!

I spent the afternoon saving all the files I treasure or need on to my plug-in hard drive, and a pen-drive. Then I started to think about trying to restore from a earlier place on the machine than the one that froze it for 26 hours.

No, I thought, I PAID for a 3-year warranty, I'm going to phone HP support.

Despite the slight problem that I had been unable to register the warranty extension because the link wouldn't work (these computer companies, eh?) and therefore don't appear on the system, the HP Techy took me through a bunch of uninstalling and deleting I would NEVER have dared to try unassisted. Then, after 2 restarts, the machine is fixed - bing, bang bong!

It has a partition (this is a feature of Vista) and if you delete the right thing, it just searches for it "over there" and reinstalls what you need.

So my computer is fixed! Whoopee! And it only took 30 minutes. (Can't wait to see the phone bill...)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


At last I managed to get my movie made and uploaded in the correct format. It only took all evening. Hope it was worth it.

I'm dedicating this to Madi who, I just discovered, was 28 today. Happy Birthday Madi!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Who'da thunk it?

On Friday evening, my friend and I sat down to enjoy Salute of the Jugger. As she is a real film buff, at the end I left it to play the full credits.

Suddenly a surprise hove into view - Vincent's stunt training was by - Body By Jake!

I've googled them, and they seem to be a sports and fitness company. I'm amazed that they didn't make a stink when Shibboleth came out - unless it escaped thier notice, or else they thought any publicity is good publicity.

Trials and Tribulations

I bought a new book last week that, unlike the other VIsta books I bought when I got my computer, explain to me how to edit film clips in Windows Movie Maker. So today I've given it a try. You won't be seeing the result for some time yet, though.

I had to use film I already have on my computer, on account of having no dvd driver still. Ditto music tracks.

I edited in the first three or four clips with no problem. Then it stopped doing what it had done at first, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it to revert to the good job it started doing.

So here is some more recycling, this time from the episode that perhaps contains the most irritating character in all of LOCI - Cuba Libre, and the appalling Milt Winter.

As so often, we start with the hands of the street magician.

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