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Saturday, November 25, 2006

In Perfect Proportion

From the top of his head to the tips of his toes (specially mixed up by Blogger) he has no fault of scale.

He is the perfect height. Any taller would be too tall, any shorter would be run-of-the-mill. His head is just the perfect size for his height, and fits perfectly on those shoulders, which are rather wide, and therefore perfect and masculine. His tip-tilted nose is the perfect size and shape for his perfect face, and his lips, being full, are perfect. His long eyelashes are long, and therefore the perfect length for his perfectly-sized eyes. His stubble is exactly the perfect length.

His body and legs are in perfect proportion with each other. Some men have legs that are too long for their bodies and look like spiders. Some men have bodies that are too long for their legs, making them look like gorillas. Vincent's are exactly right and perfect. His feet and hands are large, strong and masculine, and are therefore perfect for the rest of him.

The overal effect of all this perfection is - perfect!

So many things to admire

The neck, the hands, the writs, the shoulders, the arms, the legs, the face, the stubble, the eyes, the lashes, the nose, the lips, THE MAN!

A Walk In The Park

Poor professor, with Junior spitting up on him, then Detective Goren badgering him. Just wasn't his day.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Undaunted Mettle

Another first - the first time I have screencapped a DVD I made myself on the new toy (a DVD/HDD recorder).

It waasn't easy to get stills without blurring, so for the next round I am going to make the recording of a higher definition to see if that works better.

John and Eddie

I was inspired by Eliza's comment about not getting caught looking at something I shouldn't, which is why I was on my blog during the Year 11 lesson - it was ICT, and most of them were up-to-date with their course work and had Friday afternoon free time. After all, I was able to illustrate the possibilites of using computers by showing my slide shows...

Well, John and Eddie have obviously absorbed more of my VDO obsession than I thought. They are high-functioning autistic identical twins, lovely boys it's a pleasure to have in the class. And far too observant for my good. Which is why they were able to make the comments they did, and also why I hope they didn't memorize the address of my blog, or I'm in trouble!

A Message From Year 11

John said,"Watch Law and Order - Miss said so."
Eddie said, "Stay clear of John."
John just passed me a note saying,"We love Vincent, don't we!"

You see what I have to put up with?

Hello from The Staff Room

Wow! I can even access my photos and play around at work now!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cold Comfort -

- but Bobby's hot.

While I wait for a miracle...'s something on account.

Hallmark didn't show several episodes of Season 2, including Cold Comfort, which I just capped. Sadly it's taking hours to upload it to Photobucket, and Bobby's on in five minutes, so here's some Tuxedo Hill.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

See Me experiment some more

The trouble is, this all gets so addictive! (Bit like Vincent, really)

An Experiment

If this works, it's thanks to Eliza. If it doesn't, it's my fault!

I have to Blink some more

I haven't finished capping Blink yet, as I got rather involved in the "stroll" and ran out of time. But here's a bit more to keep us going.

It seems to me that the guy in the yellow jumper was in the strolling scene too. Bit of duff continuity there.

Lick My Lips

Here it comes...


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blinking Great

I just couldn't stop clicking on the camera icon. This is a fraction of the stills I have from this scene. I love the way Bobby strolls along, and his expression when he realises what measurement 4 over 12 is. Yeah, like his hands are that tiny. Not to mention other things...

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