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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fantastic Felines, Carnivorous Canines.

Last week I made the trip from the tiger territory to the land of the lions. There were some very relaxed females toasting on their hot rocks.

 photo DSC01059_zpsviknulu9.jpg

 photo DSC01067_zpswu4mv6jz.jpg

 photo DSC01068_zpshmc01ie3.jpg

The male, Bhanu, was looking more relaxed.

 photo DSC01069_zpsefbohm6e.jpg

 photo DSC01065_zpssmypyyt0.jpg

Until he saw one of his favourite keepers and thought there might be some food coming.

 photo DSC01070_zpsxb5ckr46.jpg

As usual the tiger cubs did not disappoint.

 photo DSC01072_zpsjwgz8his.jpg

They're nearly six months old and are looking so grown up.

 photo DSC01075_zpshmh55mel.jpg

 photo DSC01076_zpsn93zdrlx.jpg

 photo DSC01082_zps1ypdmkty.jpg

Like the male lion, dad is on the prowl for any chance of an extra feed.

 photo DSC01079_zpsu7q5hj1u.jpg

Finally the cubs decided to relax on their own warm rocks.

 photo DSC01093_zpspqmvq4z1.jpg

Now, it's obvious that I'm a cat lover, but my first animal love when I was 5 was a dog. Sadly, my affection for canines was severely tested the other day when I went to slip a note through a neighbour's door and her dog grabbed my fingers. Several pints of blood later the mortified neighbour had cleansed and strapped my war wounds. Now she wants her dog to aologise...

The Narrows

I need to watch this again, i don't remember much about it. I'm pretty sue VIncent's character saves his son from the Mob.

 photo TheNarrows257.jpg

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