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Saturday, January 05, 2008

It took a long time but..

...I've managed to make an actual MOVING movie! They are all from Amends, and I've left most of them quite long, so you get bits of Eames thrown in, but it's early days. Plenty of time to hone my skills.

At least now I can do it. Sound's back on, too, just needed a reboot thank goodness.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Sorry I couldn't spare you

Because of my new techno-problems, I still can't cut SWMNBN from these pictures, but I have tried to use ones with as little of her in as possible.

It turns out that my sound card is not working at all now. Has Adobe killed it? Will it revive if I reboot? God, I hope so!

Why is it that dear, talented Eliza can download a free programme and it does wonderful things, but I pay a fortune for one and it mucks up my computer?

Anyway, here is Himself in Grow.

By the way, did you see I got into Google Alerts twice today!

I did ask!

I decided to buy the best video and photo package I could tosy, and went for an Adobe double-pask - Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. I loaded the Premiere one first to see if I could find a way to chop clips from videos. It took ages to load, and then I went into the tutorial to find - it didn't think my sound card was up to it, so it wouldn't play the tutorial clip.

Now in the shop, I was told it needed a computer with 2 gigs of RAM, which mine has, and my control panel tells me my sound is good enough for HD.

So I have to ask - WTF? Have I spent £90 for nothing?

I was going to do some caps of Fires Within, but whether it was because of Adobe or for some other reason, the beggar wouldn't play.

Bad technology day!

Thursday, January 03, 2008


No wonder I didn't have "Lies" and couldn't find it. It was so familiar 'cos it did come out in Beatle time, and the vocalist was a dead ringer for John Lennon (voice-wise) but the group was The Knickerbockers, and the number was a very good rip-off. Never heard the group's name, must always have assumed it was for real.

So it's official - I have EVERYTHING! (Well maybe not the later botched together stuff like "Free As A Bird", and there are a few practice and jam sessions available that I have not yet bought, but I DO have the German versions of She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

And just for good measure, off YouTube, here is She Loves You, with lyrics. It's a must-hear!

An Offer from Vincent D'Onofrio

No-one can hold a candle to him.

Strange Day (no, not Strange Days!)

The day started badly with a relief postman leaving my mail wedged in my letterbox. Great for keeping the heat in and the burglars out! So I went outside to make my feelings known. He was so bloody rude, I ended up making an official complaint to the Royal Mail. Our regular postie can put things all the way through, so why not this big thug?

One of the things he brought was a card telling me there was £30 tax to pay on the burgundy shirt I bought on Ebay, so I had to go to the sorting office anyway to pay and collect it.

Before coming home, I stopped off at Marks and Spencer's cafe for a quick latte and a piece of cake (free voucher for the coffee).

When I got home, I unwrapped the shirt. I'm not sure when he wore it. It isn't this one:

I thought it might be when I bought it, but the one in the picture has tape around the inside of the collar, mine doesn't. But he has worn it for sure - there is a mark round the inside of the collar, and the armpits are very slightly stained. There is also a slightly musky smell to them. *Sighs* Must be his deodorant...

Next I phoned my mobile phone service provider to come off contract. I NEVER use my 200 "free" minutes a month, I automatically use my landline. I got into a very pleasant conversation with the woman on the other end of the line, comparing notes about broadband, Sky+ (she'd rather give up smoking than her Sky+) and her love of TV. I told her about Vincent, and when she could watch him. She sounded very interested. I think she will be a convert after this evening.

Finally I finished off printing all the calendars (I ran out of ink half way through on Sunday) and now have Eliza's small one on the chest of drawers in the bedroom, my own one on the cupboard door opposite my bed, and Eliza's big one in the hall. Vincent D'Onofrio wherever I go. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I saw this...

...and thought of you. (Actually what I thought of should be censored.)

Still no access to the slideshow facility.


I thought I'd located every Beatles number, even those that were on their EPs. (Only their LPS were re-released on cd). There are some compilation albums, which is how I got Long Tall Sally and Yes It Is.

But I have Crossing Jordan on the TV (to make sure I don't miss LOCI, which is on when it finishes) and they just played a few bars of Lies. I'd forgotten about it. I don't have it, I'm sure I don't. I haven't heard it since the 1960s. But now I HAVE TO HAVE IT!

Why didn't I find this out BEFORE struggling my way round Bluewater today - I could have checked out the big record stores to see if it's on one of the compilations I didn't think I needed 'cos I had them all.

BTW - has anybody else noticed that Virgin Records has become Zavvi?

ZAVVI??? Yet Virgin Media, which Branson sold almost as soon as he'd bought it, when he found out what a poor public image it had, still bears his company name and logo.

Bone Weary

World's worst nightmare - to be trapped in Europe's biggest shopping centre unable to get a sit-down and a cuppa because everywhere was too busy.

What better way to wind down than to dream about Vincent? (This would have been a slideshow if Botophucket had let me, and it would have had MUCH juicier pictures if the same dear people hadn't deleted them - never fear, they live on on my plug-in hard drive, I just don't have the energy to go and get it right now).

The cuppa, when I found somewhere to have it, was actually a hot chocolate with whipped cream and a chocolate stirrer, to wash down a lemon and orange muffin. Nearly as yummy as Vincent.

I have GOT to get kissed by that man before I die!

A Good Question

Someone asked what the picture is on Eames' desk. This is the best view I've found of it, but I don't have the software to enhance or enlarge it. It looks like the rear end of a pantomime cow!

Anyone know, or have the wherewithal to find out? Eliza?...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Playing with my 'Bucket

Photobucket invites you to create an avatar. This one is so uncannily like me (cough, cough) as the choices are really aimed at fat middle-aged women (not).

Meet Goren_Fan

A Resolution for 2008

And I think it's one my fellow-Vixens can identify with.

No Wonder!

The ring finger on my right hand is hurting, and it's just occurred to me that having it poised bent over the keyboard and then deploying it to type is giving me some kind of repetitive strain injury, or perhaps an early arthritic condition.

Well, considering I realised last night that I type out posts in my head while lying in bed (or even sleeping) mentally placing my fingers as if touch-typing, I suppose it's inevitable that my digits will get overworked.

Yes, folks, I can touch-type in my sleep. I do so much typing these days that I really can almost do it without looking at the keys. When I was a kid I had a good quality kids' typewriter (a Petite, for those who remember them) and it had a course on placing the fingers on the correct keys, what the home keys were, etc. I never mastered it then, but I'm getting close now.

If I could only manage to stop hitting keys in the wrong order and getting words like "jsut" and things ending in the letters "emnt". (And accidentally posting this halfway through by blundering a finger on to who knows what key that gave the command.)

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Vincent Year

(We hope!)

Here's a short celebration with pictures from another episode i didn't realise I hadn't capped - Con-Text. The one with some fo the best butt shots in the whole of CI...

Sorry about the watermark across the groin in that one picture :(

Of course, he is so beautiful throughout this episode.

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