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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bobby playing

I love it when Bobby plays, and Chinoiserie has a couple of the best examples.

Sorry I had to post this in a hurry - I ran out of time before Help! comes on the telly. It's a great movie. They had so many talents.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Macca Rocks

Sir Paul McCartney played a whopping 90 minute set at the BBC Electric Proms at the Roundhouse in London, shown on TV last night. He looked and sounded great, playing a broad selection of numbers - some Beatles songs, some from Wings, and some of his latest. You can watch the show at
I can really recommend it.

More pictures at

Heather Mills - you may have got his money, but you haven't shaken his spirit.

Silent Reading

When Silencer first aired I hadn't yet started to learn sign language. But I've been learning BSL and Makaton, whereas Bobby should be speaking ASL. (BSL and ASL are the British and American versions, Makaton is adapted for people with more severe disablilities, either physical or in understanding.) So in theory I shouldn't be able to understand him.

This looks like he's saying "Thank you". You're welcome, darling.

Now surely this means, "There's that gorgeous Val over there."

This is very similar to the BSL for brother, I think. Wonder what he's actually saying?

Let's face it, using body language, he comes over loud and clear in all languages and none - "I am the sexiest man in the universe, and I don't even know it!"

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beauty in Anguish

Bobby was so sad in The War At Home. Who could fail to want to comfort him?

I just love the little quiff in his hair when he turns sideways and shows off his eyelashes.

I was NOT shouting!

Today I had to phone up the local education authority, as they had made a mistake on my last pay claim. The person who deals with the place where I work was on another line, so I left a message and waited for her to call back. An hour-and-a-half later I called her again. No matter how many times I told her the pay claim was already in, so there was no point in calling the school, she just didn't get it. I tried to ask her whether it was she or the payroll department who would have made the calculations, but she wasn't listening. I may have raised my voice slightly to try and get myself heard over her waffling, but I did NOT shout. She, however, accused me of shouting at her. I assured her I was not (I have a big, voice, for goodness' sake, I teach and I sing opera) but she insisted.

So I told her again that I wasn't shouting, then told her that I CAN shout.

I told her very loudly. In full operatic, fill-the-theatre-to-the-rafters volume.

*I then phoned payroll and spoke to a very nice woman who informed me that there was a mistake, she had made it, and I could come along and pick up the difference as soon as I could get there. I have now spent it :)*

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Autumn at Emmetts

Emmetts Garden, on which I did a summer post, is famous for its bluebells in spring and its autumn colour.

Thanks to the vagaries of the seasons, I have never yet seen the blubells at their best - they are either only just coming out, or they are beginning to fade.

I've never seen the autumn colour for the same reason - autumn is either too early, and the leaves have gone or, more likely, it hasn't started properly and the garden has closed up for the winter (which it does on October 31st).

I went along today, and some trees are losing leaves without doing more than just fading a bit. Others are just looking a bit anaemic. Even the acers (decorative maples) pictured below started life dark red, and have just intensified their colour to make them look so stunning. Really, for autumn colour, this was it.

It's Grew Some

OK, that's the pre-punchline of a really bad joke, so let's just sigh over some pictures from Grow.

There's Bobby filling the door.

There are the folded arms.

Don't forget the eyelashes.

Not to mention the hands and the wrists.

Ooh just LOOK at those beautiful fingers and imagine...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Not much!

Thanks to Saint Eliza of Vincentmania, I have seen and been able to cap the lastest episode. Pretty grim stuff that Bobby seemed particularly affected by.

Can you imagine Eames being able to talk that woman down from wanting to cut her daughter's throat? Even if it is through fellow-feeling, Bobby's got the vision and the knack.

Who'd have thought using an inhaler could be sexy?

Shall we dance?

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