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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Shirtsleeves and Shoulders

Oh dear, short rations again - Blogger hasn't posted the other 5 pictures I chose. Still, five photos of gorgeous broad shoulders and sexy shirts are not to be sneezed at.

Status Quo

JoJo didn't know The Quo were still performing. They seem to be touring all the time! Personally I'm not a great fan. Any sex appeal they ever had has gone, as this picture shows.

When I was at school, my best friend's mother worked alongside Francis Rossi's mum in the local Marks and Spencer store. The family owned an ice cream business, with small ice cream parlours dotted around, a distinctive sign with a green background over each one. They were some of the first people to have ice cream vans touring the streets of the neighbourhood. To read Rossi's book, you'd think they owned half of South East London.

Pussies Galore

I went with my best friend and her mother to the East Sussex Cat Show today (which strangely is in Tonbridge in Kent).There were some gorgeous cats on show, but of course you can't photograph them, so here are a few pictures off Google of some of my favourite breeds.

There were some huge Maine Coons, though none as big as the one last year which could have been a small lion.

The Norwegian Forest Cats aren't as big as they look - they are so fluffy, it makes them look twice their actual size.

The British Shorthair is very "cobby" - it has a chunky head and body. The Blue is particularly fine, with its beautiful orange eyes. The fur is very dense.

My lovely Shelley is a Blue Point Birman, so was his dear brother Byron, who died aged only 5 after a mystery accident. They have the most adorable natures - as perfect as their looks.

We saw a Bengal with colouring and markings very like this, only even more contrasted and striking.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Retirement, Keith

On Wednesday I went to the retirement do of the Head of the first school I ever taught at - Deptford Green, which is in one of the areas of London most in need of tender loving care. I never worked with Keith, but I've heard great things about him over the years.

During the speeches he was in fits of laughter as stories of his fun-loving and quirky character were told, like the one where, when school was back after the summer break, he stood behind a female teacher in the dinner queue and said, "Lost a lot of weight during the holidays." "Thanks," she said. "No, not you, me," he replied.

In 20 years he never missed a single day at school. Even if he had a meeting or a conference he would call in at school before or afterwards.

During his headship he was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) and a knighthood or peerage don't seem out of the question.

I wouldn't like to be the person who had to follow that act!

Missed You, Big Boy

It wouldn't be possible to have anything less than a massive crush on Vincent - there's so much of him to have a crush on, all of it gorgeous and perfect.

A Racey Story

So there I am on a school end-of-term jaunt to Epsom Racecourse (home of the Derby) and where is my camera? On my desk at home, of course!

So instead of great personal pictures of my evening out and the people I went with - and the gee-gees, of course - I have to inflict on you pictures off the web.

We were in the new Queen's Stand, right by the finishing line. I backed one winner to the tune of about £30, so came away up on the evening. The band was the ?Something Blues Brothers - a tribute band? (they weren't very good - and last week it was Status Quo), and we ended up directing the coach driver home.

There was a large amount of inebriation, and as we didn't even get back to school, let alone home, till gone 11.30, I can imagine there were some pretty thick heads this morning. I don't work there today, but had to get up early for my hospital student. I felt awful - and I only drank orange!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Don't worry, see you Friday

Hi folks. Sorry there's unlikely to be anything with beautiful pictures of historical sites or gorgeous men for a couple of days - it's nearly the end of term, and I have some evening gatherings to go to. I'm just leaving this note from work (no pictures available), hope to be giving you luscious treats again on Friday.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Woman of Principle?

So has Hanoi Jane sold out? She's advertising L'Oreal products. So what?

Well, quite a lot of years ago now, various organisations campaigning against animal experimentation for cosmetics approached L'Oreal. Instead of cutting down or stopping, they thumbed their noses and increased animal testing. Over the years, before they finally (they say) desisted, millions of animals suffered to produce their products. Many women have said in their ads that they are "worth it". Well, Jennifer Aniston, Andy McDowell et al, you are NOT worth the suffering of these creatures. If you didn't know about the torture, you are even more vacuous than we all thought.

But Jane Fonda, seasoned campaigner, you should know better. But you have sold out (like Anita Roddick, who sold to L'Oreal the upposedly ethical cosmetic outlet The Body Shop that she created), and I hope the blood money you have accepted does you no good.

I have boycotted all things made by L'Oreal for many years now, and will no longer buy Body Shop goods, either. I hope some of you will join me, and spread word among your friends.

Moody and Magnificent

Don't worry, Bobby, I'm here to listen to your problems and make you feel better. (Though I'm sure that to me you'll feel just fine).

Monday, July 10, 2006

Romantic Vincent

Who could resist him? Oh for the chance to try.

Tesco - Oh No

A couple of months ago I started to shop in Tesco again after at least three years of avoiding them (and they're my nearest supermarket to take my car to for a big shop). I stopped going because they just never bothered to answer queries. I want to feel valued as a customer.

When I changed jobs it became easier to go back there - the alternative, Asda (owned by Walmart), is now a bit more off my route. But already Tesco have reverted to type. I take a lot of natural remedieds for menopause symptoms, and Asda sells them in vegetarian capsules, Tesco does not. I asked THE MANAGER HIMSELF why and he said he's find out. Nothing.

Today I asked for a refund (just 56 pence) because a 2 for £2 offer didn't come up on the bill. What a performance! First we have to check the shelf, then aske someone on the relevant department, then deny it and try to explain to me that I might have got chocolate and cans of drink confused. All I needed after a hard day teaching my severly autistic students. I got my 56 pence (eventually) and stormed off to Asda, where I had a very enjoyable shop.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pictures of Innocence

When I bought this house, my then husband thought it would be a good plan to have the main bedroom as a music room, as it was the biggest room in the house. He put cork on the walls to form sound-insulation.

Fast forward quite a few years, and I thought it would be best to keep my birds in the room. The cages were close to the cork, and they spent many happy hours chewing off every bit that was within reach. Rio and Louis also enjoyed unhooking the curtains and chewing lumps out of the plaster, or clay lick as they seem to think of it.

Now that the cages have been moved away from the wall, the cork chewing has stopped - till today. Rio has been launching herself at it, and a couple of times has actually managed to cling on and have a peck. Louis has tried to copy her, but he's a lot bulkier and he can't quite make it. Yet.


Big hands on a big man - very satisfying. But big hands so delicate and fine should be incongruous. It's impossible that they should be so perfect.

Anyone deny they are the most beautiful, sexy hands on earth?

Thanks for so many fine hand-pix, Eliza. I think Im speak for everyone when I say we can't get enough.

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