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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Watch That Gorilla!

Not to mention the lions.
I have to keep going back to London Zoo to see how the baby gorilla is getting on.
Meanwhile the saga of the lions continues. Yesterday, dad was in with the kids:

I assumed mum was still in isolation because of her stroppiness at being in season, but later, after the kids had moved away, she squeezed out from behind where they were snuggling.

Getting a close, unblurred picture of Mjukuu's baby remains difficult.

There was one action shot where she let the baby climb over her head, but this was the best I could get:

Matters are not helped by the behaviour of senior female Zaire, who is desperate to cuddle the baby. But Mjukuu has not put him down since he was born, and she won't hand him over. So Zaire took a lump out of Mjukuu's arem, as you can see, and now, whenever Zaire closes in, Mjukuu gets as far away as she can, and bang goes any picture opportunity.
Effie and the new male Kesho, however, are getting along like a house on fire. The passage to their quarters goes over the human access to Gorilla Kingdom, and there, sadly marred by reflections from the very sunny but cold outdoor enclosure, they plighted their troth. Repeatedly.

Getting your own back

Don't kill Vincent in HLOTS and then expect him to give you a pass in LOCI!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Please spare a thought for Lynn

Those of you who read the stories on After Major Case will know Lynn and the great story she wrote.

Yesterday I received an email from her which I wanted to share with you, but needed her permission first, which I have now received:

"I have a favor to ask. I'm going to boldly ask for your prayers/good wishes. You see, 2 years ago I had open heart surgery to replace a valve & repair another one. I am markedly improved but have some problems with rapid heart rate & irregular rhythm. I've been repeatedly cardioverted (shocked) because I do not respond to medications. The doctors have decided to do a different kind of procedure to treat my problem. It isn't surgery but it is invasive & some what risky. And I am at the point where I have no other choice but to undergo it. I have a good comfort level with my doctors & have high hopes this will improve my health. But being a nurse has some disadvantages-you know how ugly things can get! I'm to be admitted to the hospital on Sunday, with the procedure tentatively scheduled for Tuesday. Hopefully I will be home no later than Saturday. Please remember me in your thoughts."

I'm not a believer, so I don't pray, but Lynn will be in my thoughts, and I hope you will all send positive thoughts to her too over the coming week, and that those of you who do pray will remember her in your prayers.


I share Bobby's disgust.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Does anyone know?

Recent events have got me wondering which is the oldest, longest-established VDO blog still posting, outside of TheReel, which I think I remember as being around when I happened on the scene.

I started V-blogging in April 2006. Eliza, and Diane and Tess, were already posting on their V-blogs, though Eliza moved hers and renamed it from Eliza's Place to the current Velocity of Vincent. Still, as far as I'm concerned it counts as being one of the first and oldest.

Others have been and gone, one notable one in a great deal of V-criticism and in favour of Criminal Minds. How does someone who's been a fan of Vincent D'Onofrio suddenly come up with comments like "Mandy (Patinkin) rocks"?

So, any ideas of who gets the gong for the longest-serving bringer of V-joy to the Vixen community?

Inside, Outside

I'll take him anywhere, any time.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I may be mad...

...but I love Crazy.

What a great episode. Oof, oof, oof!

He's taking the lid off his coffee. What's so sexy about that?
Well, he's using his hand, isn't he?

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