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Saturday, July 22, 2006

In a shirt

Seeing those lovely shoulders in a shirt does a special something to my hormones.

In a t-shirt

The black t-shirt thing is very fetching. I just wish we could see him in the character of Bobby with NO shirt or t-shirt. Can the makers hear us? HELLO!

The Break Up 2

Well I enjoyed it! (Even the bits without our Vincent in). VV's character was so typically male - excuses for doing nothing, pleading hard work for not helping out a working partner, boys' games taking priority over couples' things. It was well observed, quite funny at times, and definitely told from a woman's point of view. Vincent, of course, was wonderful. When his brother goes to hug him and he recoiled, it reminded my friend of her brother, who is from a pre-Asperger's age, but who she is sure is Asperger's.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I love your comments

You leave the wittiest and sexiest comments and I love to read them.

Sadly some jerk keeps leaving generic anonymous comments - I had over 150 overnight on my yahoo account - so I've switched on the word verification facility for a while. Please don't let it stop you. (I have real trouble with it, can't always decide what it really says, so I guess I have a wobbly mind!)

Meanwhile, here's some random Vincent, and pity the poor slob who sends out these messages but never actually visits the blog and sees him.

Thanks for the ones from the LOCI interview, Eliza, they're some of my favourites.

Im could eat him up in this one.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


For me the schools break up today so tomorrow I'm going to see The Break Up on its first day of general release. First time of Vincent on the big screen. Can't wait!

Sports Day

For the umpteenth time in the last two weeks I went out without my camera - anyway, I couldn't have used pictures of the kids. So here are some web pictures of Ladywell Fields and the arena there where my school's sports day took place today.

It wasn't quite so hot, and some of the time there were clouds, but try as I might I couldn't get enough shade, and my back is the most tanned it's ever been. A bit of a worry given the state of the ozone layer and the problem of skin cancer.

It was a real worry to see some of the fairer and gingerer children getting redder and redder.

Adventures in Babysitting

Well, thank you to for swift and value-for-money service (Region 2 DVD so careful US bloggers) in getting this movie to me in record time.

I can't believe that in the same year he was blobby Pte Pyle and hunky Thor. Where did those muscles come from? Same place as the fat, I guess - dedication to his art.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Look what caught my eye

A very big boy with broad shoulders, a stern expression and very fine hands.

A picture to fire the imagination of any Vincent or Bobby fan.

Can't take my eyes off you

This has been my wallpaper for a long time. I'm just fixated on his beautiful hand. Face isn't bad, either, is it?

Random Picture

When you say it's this big, do you mean in length or in girth?

Hot, Hotter - Hottest?

It looks like today is going to be the hottest day (102 degrees) in Britain since records began. They say people could cook on the Underground! And here am I, stuck at a computer, with the one recalcitrant pupil left in school. It's my fault he can't go out, of course, as I broke the news to him that he had a medical mid-morning.

Better not look at any pictures of Vincent today...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Too hot to think

Couldn't come up with a theme so I just clicked on some pictures I felt like seeing again.

For the feet and ankles.

For the expression and the hands.

For the shoulders and the back.

For the expression and the hands again.

Sadly I may feel the same again tomorrow - it's sweltering here, and may top 100 tomorrow. There doesn't seem to be any air anywhere. Help!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot off Google

Or maybe just hot. Bobby certainly is, and today, with temperatures of over 90 degrees, so are most Londoners.

It's Criminal!

So there I was, all excited because Amazon's promised parcel containing LOCI Season 2 had arrived - and they've sent me plain old Law & Order Season 4!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Westminster Abbey v. Notre Dame

It's been a while since I did one of my historical posts. I thought I'd do another comparison, this time of Westminster Abbey in London and Notre Dame in Paris.
Westminster Abbey was first founded in 960 AD by St Dunstan. Edward the Confessor rebuilt it less than a century later, in the Norman style. He was buried there. In the 13th Century Henry III rebuilt it again in the Gothic style we see today. It wasn't completed in his lifetime, and it wasn't till about 1500 that work was finally finished. It escaped destruction during Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries and was passed to his new Church.
Notre Dame was started in 1163 in the reign of Louis VII. The west front and towers were built in 1225-50. It is therefore very much more of a piece. Many of the statues on the facade were hacked off during the French Revolution and thrown into the River Seine. It became a Temple To Reason. The building was restored by Viollet-Le-Duc in the 19th century after Victor Hugo's novel Notre Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) revived interest in the structure.
It's very difficult to compare these buildings even though they were partly built during the same period. The setting of Notre Dame is very romantic, and the facade is very balanced and pleasing. Westminster Abbey has been defaced by things like the appalling clock on the north tower. It doesn't have the triple doors which adorn the west front of Notre Dame. But it does have an appealing simplicity.
They both have the flying buttresses that I adore.
Westminster Abbey from the south

Notre -Dame from the south

West Front Of Westminster Abbey
West Front of Notre Dame

Westminster Abbey interior

Notre Dame interior

The Look

It takes many forms, as you'd expect from a brilliant actor, but it's always so expressive and always so attractive. Well it does have those eyes behind it.

Naked Sunday

Thanks to others for the tradition. It would be churlish to ignore it.

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