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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Tiger Cub Birthday

On Tuesday the London Zoo tiger cubs were a year old, but for some reason the celebrations were held over till Wednesday. In anticipation I went along.

There were lots of colourful parcels laid out for them, laced with meat, but mum Melati took advantage of the cubs' caution to help herself to all the treats before the day even started properly!

 photo DSC00403_zpsfe7ff4ad.jpg

One of the parcels ended up in the water, and tentatively the cubs started trying to retrieve it.

 photo DSC00407_zps570473ec.jpg

 photo DSC00408_zps8b89cd76.jpg


 photo DSC00417_zps0935395b.jpg

Now let the destruction begin.

 photo DSC00421_zpsc24546a0.jpg

"I think I'll have this bit." "Mmm, me too."

 photo DSC00426_zpscb21b986.jpg


 photo DSC00427_zps402f9eb1.jpg

He bullied me, mum. I love you.

 photo DSC00428_zpsaa04d468.jpg

Everyone ended up with pink paws from the (edible) paint on the favourite box.

 photo DSC00432_zps201df313.jpg

Job done.

 photo DSC00430_zpseafd5b2b.jpg

Tuxedo Hill

I'm glad the nasty perp didn't get away with his crimes by trying to sell out others. Bobby was really angry.

 photo TuxedoHill469.jpg

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