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Saturday, November 06, 2010

No Comments

Yahoo has certainly been doing some weird stuff lately, but the most annoying one is that it is no longer sending me everyone's comments from the blog. One or two arrive, but the rest are AWOL. When I open my Yahoo inbox, I think no one is reading my blog, till I head on over and find the comments there under the posts.

In layman's terms, WTF?

New Season 5 - Vacancy

This is not one of my favourite episodes, but I LOVE the scene where Alice treats him as her "designated white knight". He is so uncomfortable, clearing his throat and almost fidgeting.

No need to peek though the spyhole at me, darling, just come right in.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy V-Day

Happy Birthday, Diane, and thanks to those whose posts reminded me.

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Having Fun

That's what it looks like Vincent's doing in this film. This is a man who's happy in his work, even when it means a straight guy kissing a fellow male.

Comfortable in his own skin or what?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Two Degrees of Vincent D'Onofrio?

I did a degree of closeness to Vincent once before. I can't remember who I used or how close I got. As I don't label posts, I can't even find it! But thanks to Nantz's endeavours to find people's proximity to our man, an option popped into my brain today. It takes me to within two degrees of Vincent (one degree if you count just seeing someone on stage).

2. Miriam Margolyes is a veteran character actor whose performances have been known to me all my life, and who is now known worldwide thanks to Harry Potter.

A few years ago I was at the Family Records Centre (before the last government decided to close this busy facility down) when Ms Margolyes walked past me. I was surprised and shocked, and said out loud, "Miriam Margolyes!" She turned and said, "Yes?" and I apologised.

1. When I was at school, we were taken to the theatre to see John Webster's Jacobean revenge tragedy The White Devil. Miriam Margolyes was in it with Edward Woodward.

0. Of course we all know that Vincent appeared twice with Mr Woodward in The Equaliser. SO there we are, in two degrees of Vincent D'Onofrio.

Let's face it, when we count two people who are in the same movie, they won't always have met during the filming, but they are allowed as a degree of proximity. So if you allow me Edward Woodward as my "contact" because I saw him on stage, that brings me to one degree of Vincent D'Onofrio!

All Wild Hair and Stubble

When it's on TV (which is often) it gets a 5* rating. Only one part of it gets that from me. Guess which part!

OK, this is part of the part that gets 5* from me...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Good News and Bad News

After missing the birth of Mjukuu's baby, I went back to London Zoo last Friday (the first time I've ever been three twice in one week) to try and see her. When I first arrived (the earliest I've ever got there) the queue wasn't too long, but I went back twice during the day to try and get a better look, and the queue was longer each time.It was very difficult to see the baby, as Mjukuu kept her distance from the watching crowds, but it was possible to make out tiny hands and feet, and the little 3-day-old head of the new baby.

That was the good news. The bad news is that Abi, the lioness who had cubs last year, came into heat and conceived again in a way that would not happen in the wild while a lioness is still caring for her young. The cubs - three little girls, which would have been a great boon to the conservation programme - didn't make it, as she neglected them in favour of her 18-month-old son and daughter.

She has become aggressive towards her mate, Lucifer, and he has been separated off till she comes into season again. They are going to keep her daughter for a while longer (but give her a contraceptive implant so that dad can't breed from her) but the son is to go to a collection in Poland. Then, with luck, the next time round there will be a successful breeding.

Though to be honest, the way she was behaving around her cubs, especially the boy, I'd say she might have come into season again already.

Meanwhile, Lucifer is not happy with being apart from the family, though I think his pacing might have something to do with the fact that he knows Abi's ready, willing and able.

A Winner in my book

Not the greatest film ever made, and Vincent's wig/hairdo is the worst ever but poor innocent Philip is such a gullible dupe, and Vincent plays him so believably it makes up for everything.

As for the fully-clothed sex scene, well, who thought the Python was that high up his body?

Hello Python!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Can anyone help Jenni?

Those of us who get the Google Alerts for our beloved will have seen a post by a lady called Jenni who mentioned being two V-movies short. I asked her what they are and said there was bound to be a V-Vixen who could help her out.

The poor darling doesn't have Guy or Naked Tango! How can she live without them? Please, US Vixens, can you help her out with a home-made or burned copy? Or perhaps someone has them available for download?

I think this counts as an emergency!

BBC Plea

In his interview about his recent radio play, Vincent mentioned having recorded some radio plays for the BBC. Of course, everyone wants to know what and when, and we British Vixens are the most obvious poeple to turn to.

Diane has emailed the BBC, and I have sent an email to the "You Ask Us" section of their listing magazine:

In a recent interview, actor Vincent D'Onofrio mentioned that he had recorded some radio plays for the BBC. Fellow fans from across the world have been asking us Brits what and when they were, but we have no idea. The best we can guess is that it was in the mid-1980s when he was in the UK for 13 months while filming Full Metal Jacket for Stanley Kubrick.

Can you please put us out of our misery - and perhaps rebroadcast them for his adoring fans?

Here's hoping one of us gets some joy.

Whitney or Ashton?

Sweet and gentle or cold and hard?

I'll take him either way!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Does Size Matter?

We all dream of Vincent having a HUGE appendage, rather like the one he gestured towards here:

But really, if he was this well-endowed, wouldn't sex with him be an extremely painful experience? I think I'd be too scared to enjoy myself.

He's given us plenty of hints over the years that he knows how to give pleasure both with his ample todger...

...and with those amazing fingers and that long, muscular tongue.

So Size 13 is a wonderful dream:

...and seems to be there for the taking...

...but I for one would be happy with almost any length (yes, almost, let's not be silly) as long as it's accompanied by a generous girth. And thank goodness the evidence of that is plentiful.

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