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Saturday, August 20, 2011

On Romney Marsh

On Friday I visited my cousins who live in Lydd on Romney Marsh, Kent.

The Marsh grew rich when it was drained and used to raise sheep. The wool merchants competed to build ever better churches, and the Marsh still has many small, often isolated, churches, far more than its population would merit today.

Our main target (apart from lunch in a 15th century pub) was the church of St George at Ivychurch. Parts of it date back to the 13th century.

My cosuin June and her husband Mick, with my friend
and honorary family member Susanna on the right.

This window was bricked up nearly 200 years ago, then more recently
cemented on the outside.It seems to be the only way to save what's left of it -
it's in a pretty precarious state.

This lime-washed screen dates to the 15th century.

The north transept is screened off and used as a museum of agricultural implements.

My cousins have been hosts to a couple of broods of doves -
on the bracket of their satellite dish! The latest pair of chicks have just fledged.
Mum and dad were nearby keeping an eye on their babies.

Bobby's Gone - But Not Forgotten

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Gift (that keeps on giving!)

Time to relax with Bobby after getting all the little jobs done in the house that I've been trying to find workmen for these 8 months. Two leaky taps replaced, a drainpipe fixed, a new shower fitted, the shower cubicle sealed, new washers in the washbasin taps.

Still no one to build a new fence though.

I'm off to visit some cousins tomorrow, so with an early start and a long drive, I'm hoping to get lots of sleep tonight. Maybe I'll dream of Bobby.

Just discovered that since I downloaded IE9, my blogs have not been posting. Just did the last two on Firefox.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Imagine if there were two of him...

Sadly, that's not what Gemini refers to.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Annual UK Vixens Outing

London didn't know what hit it yesterday as the latest Vincent Vixens outing took place in the capital. After a leisurely lunch at a pleasant restaurant near Oxford Street, we trekked for many hundreds of yards before deciding we needed further refreshment and descending on a Starbucks off Regent Street. I think I can safely say that we did not stop talking the whole time. My throat is certainly very husky today which would seem to back up that assertion.

Eliza and Diane sharing pleasantries.

Diane insisted on taking a picture of me with Ann.

Ann doesn't like having her picture taken, but this one
was too good not to publish.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It may not pay to be an honest citizen..

...but it certainly does pay to be a Vincent D'Onofrio fan!

Early evidence of:

the BIG hands

the pocket rocket

the handsome face

and the long streak in jeans and leather jacket

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