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Friday, May 15, 2009


Guess what?

That's right:

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This album is TINY, and I have no idea why.

One of the pictures was from the "stroll" with groinal greetings, so I decided to leave it out and just post the slideshow:

Now wipe that smile off your faces!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's true!

Bobby really does examine the body in Depths without wearing any gloves.

Why didn't Eames say anything?

I hope he didn't catch anything nasty.


A great episode for hands, but not much evidence of that in this selection, though I have to admit that I don't find the shot of him sitting down at the icerink in any way less desirable than the closeups that surround it in my album.

Nevertheless, some of those closeups and hand shots are de rigueur.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bobby Fest

This week, there should be episodes from Season 6 on Hallmark, but they seem to have gone back to Season 4 without even knowing it themselves (last night they announced Tru Love but showed The Posthumous Collection). Meanwhile, Channel 5 is plodding its way through Season 4 also. Ann tells us that Mystic Pizza is on E4 tonight, and Pelham on True Movies 2 tomorrow night (a new channel on me), but that's not Bobby, that's Vincent.

But next week's Radio Times has arrived, and voila!

Hallmark continues with Season 4, so it's Bobby Monday-Thursday at 8pm, from Silver Lining to Gone.

On Thursday at 9pm they show the new (to the UK) Season 7 episode Depths.

Then Inert Dwarf is on again on Thursday at 11pm on Channel 5.

Amazingly, Channel 5 then begins Season 6 on Friday at 10pm.

The programme is now featuring regularly in the "Today's Choice" columns. Here are some of next week's comments:

1. Depths.
Actor Vincent D'Onofrio looks especially tired and unshaven in this episode; witness his normal high standards slipping when - despite searching a suspect's apartment in latex gloves and taking the utmost care to protect some antiquarian texts - he blithely pokes around the corpse at the crime scene with his bare hands.

I never noticed that!

2. Blind Spot.
...This may be a new series to Five, but it's actually three years old. Never mind, it's still streets ahead of its rivals.

And it's good to see again the twitchy Detective Goren, with his quixotic way of interviewing suspects and witnesses as if he's leaning into a high wind. Goren...who was a mentalist long before The Mentalist came along, is a tortured soul who can see things in the guilty that elude his plodding colleagues...There's loads of Goren weirdness, which is always worth the price of admission.

At last!

Brother's Keeper

The album stops before reaching 301, so I just chose one of the last pictures as a substitute.

Yet still I was not satisfied.

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