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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Family Time

Mum tries to excape for some "me" time.

 photo DSC01006_zpsxn4sgh6t.jpg

Ha! Cubs are too big to stay on the ground now!

 photo DSC01010_zpsesv1pb3n.jpg

 photo DSC01015_zpsp9wmn5hh.jpg

Getting down is not so easy though.

 photo DSC01013_zpso7w1ekq8.jpg

Then dad goes to his shelter for some rest so everyone else decides to join him for a drink and a play with an old sack.

 NO rest for the wicked!

 photo DSC01017_zps3hi5wfby.jpg

 photo DSC01019_zpsm7j1qntw.jpg

The Break Up

Vincent's characteristics were, I suspect, very much invented by the man himself. Rubbish film as a vehicle for the untalented Ms Aniston, methinks.

 photo TheBreakUp22.jpg

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