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Sunday, October 30, 2016


I am a sweet little vicious girl cub. First I fights wiv da big rope ball.

 photo DSC00967_zpsksgxkqdg.jpg

 photo DSC00959_zpscjgevi6c.jpg

Look at dem claws!

Den I fights wiv my bruvver.

 photo DSC00994_zpsnhsvg22x.jpg

Finally we bofe fights wiv our dad.

 photo DSC00980_zpsmmbnowdp.jpg

An he submits!

 photo DSC00981_zpshyg3fxwl.jpg

My brave bruvver does a victry lap right past the MILLIONZ of hoomans watchin. RAAAAR!

 photo DSC00989_zpsarja4kws.jpg

That Championship Season

In which we are expected to believe that that midget Gary Sinise was ever a high school basketball player.

And in which he also played opposite the future ex-husband of Kathryn Erbe.

 photo TCS10.jpg

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