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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Greatest Detective Update

After I made the last Greatest Detective post, as I predicted, Fontana came in last, at no.10.

I decided to make a list of the order I'd like to see them in. Here they are in reverse order:

10. Fontana
9. Nichols
8. Stabler
7. Logan
6. Benson
5, Tutuola
4. Munch
3. Eames
2. Briscoe
1. Goren (there's a surprise)

Straight away, Nichols came in 9th! Yay! Actually, apart from first place, I now don't much care where anyone else comes, though I'd like to see Eames and Briscoe right up there.

The Good Child


I know I'm not the only who swoons when he does this pose.

"You know I do it on purpose, don't you, Vixens?"

I thought this was a great piece of camerawork - NOTHING in the shot is in focus!

Goren's efforts to hide behind Eames are doomed to failure.

"Hey, man, I have a scar just like that."

"Eames, would you believe Trevor has a scar right in the same place as me?"

If you're cold, Bobby, I can help with that.

Bobby drives the Vixens crazy by trying NOT to drive them crazy.
Move those hands, Bobby!

OK, OK, when you look at me like that, I'll admit to anything.

"And Eames sat on the whoopee cushion I left on her chair!"


Bobby checks no one is looking while Alex gives him a hand job.

Hand. Belt. Belt. Hand.

"Get it off me." What do you want Bobby to get off you, sweetheart?
Your clothes? Join the queue.

Law and Order: Greatest Detective

This weekend we find out if our repeated voting for Det. Goren succeeded, and see if they crown him the greatest L&O detective, or if they cheat.

Over the next 3 nights there will be a countdown on the UK Hallmark Channel. I'm guessing Fontana will be at number 10. I can't even imagine why he was included, but Green was not. As for Nichols, I don't think I need to advertise my opinion about that bug-eyed creep.

We all know Det Goren is number 1, but it'd be nice for "Them" to acknowledge it.

Friday, April 02, 2010


Well, yesterday I had to redo dozens of Loyalty caps because I forgot to change the proportions they were saved in. Today, for Shibboleth, I forgot to change them back, and was up to 140 before I noticed.

Never mind, done now, and what a wonderful selection of close-ups of darling Bobby. I may ignore smart comments just to concentrate on them.

Close-ups of the hands count.

Fancy That

After seeing a Yahoo Question about our man and weight gain, I visited and left an answer, which has been deemed the best, and earned me 10 points.

Points for what, you ask. No idea!

However, there was only one other answer, and the asker's response to my reply annoyed me. Maybe you'd like to go and have a look, and shout at the screen for me:

Happy Birthday Shelley

Today my beautiful Birman boy Shelley (named after Percy Bysshe) is 19 years old.

In February last year, he was so poorly, I thought I would lose him within days. I didn't think he would make it to 18. A course of antibiotics and steroids from the vet made an amazing improvement in my special boy.

He still needs his daily kidney medication. His hind legs are very wobbly. But who needs them? He lives 24-hours-a-day on my bed, and he thrives on it.

I, meanwhile, have not had an undisturbed night for over a year!

In the past few months, he has decided that the only place to sleep is under the duvet with me. In my half of the bed. This means that I have nothing like half the bed! Every time he needs to come out for a drink, some food or a pee, he moans at me till I extract him from the covers. At first I worried that he would suffocate. I am constantly on the alert for accidentally lying on one of his fragile little legs and damaging it.

Meanwhile, my little star carries on shining in the sky, just as he was intended to do.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Loyalty Part 1

Thanks to the wonderful Eliza, I have been able to watch and cap Loyalty. Not many laughs, though one or two pictures did look strange in isolation.

"Sorry, Vixens, I'm too busy to talk right now."

Bobby's been sent to the naughty chair.

"So, if I dropped my pants, this is roughly what you'd see."

I tried to buy this shirt on Ebay, but I got outbid bigtime.

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