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Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Shelley

Today my beautiful Birman boy Shelley (named after Percy Bysshe) is 19 years old.

In February last year, he was so poorly, I thought I would lose him within days. I didn't think he would make it to 18. A course of antibiotics and steroids from the vet made an amazing improvement in my special boy.

He still needs his daily kidney medication. His hind legs are very wobbly. But who needs them? He lives 24-hours-a-day on my bed, and he thrives on it.

I, meanwhile, have not had an undisturbed night for over a year!

In the past few months, he has decided that the only place to sleep is under the duvet with me. In my half of the bed. This means that I have nothing like half the bed! Every time he needs to come out for a drink, some food or a pee, he moans at me till I extract him from the covers. At first I worried that he would suffocate. I am constantly on the alert for accidentally lying on one of his fragile little legs and damaging it.

Meanwhile, my little star carries on shining in the sky, just as he was intended to do.


fuzzytweetie said...

What a handsome lad!

potzina said...

Happy Birthday Lovely Boy!

bobbybegood1 said...

You are really a little darling, Val. Butterfingers, my sweet, adorable (don't fuck with me), spoiled-rotten, clever tabby is up in age too. She sleeps next to my heart area. Sometimes she wants to sleep close to my face, but hairballs I don't do. Speaking of undisturbed sleep, I haven't had one in about four years. That's the only drawback, but I love her dearly. My ex co-worker told me that she got rid of her cat because it would wake her up in the middle of the night. Anydiddles, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shelley! Cheers Val!!

JoJo said...

Happy Birthday sweet Shelley!! What a beautiful kitteh!!

bobbybegood1 - Your ex-coworker got rid of her cat b/c it woke her up in the middle of the night? That's awful! >:( How can an animal lover just dump their furchild like that? Would she have given a child up for adoption b/c it cried in the middle of the night too?

bobbybegood1 said...

Jo, don't start me to guessing. I was upset about what she did and I told her so. She said that it wasn't that she didn't love her cat, but that she worked 9-5, and her sleep couldn't be disturbed. I just left the conversation with a dumb look on my face.

val said...

I'm not usually one to have cats sleeping in my biedroom - they have a wide selection of cat beds in the kitchen, on the table, the work surfaces... Anyway, your friend didn't have to let her cat sleep on the bed, she could have changed the sleeping arrangements instead of getting rid of it.

When needs must, you just get on with it. The alternative would be no more Shelley, and I want to delay that day for as long as possible.

bobbybegood1 said...

Val my cat has all the amenities that a cat could have. She' been sleeping either with me or my daughter since we've had her. Acutally she's Samantha's cat, but now that Sam doesn't live at home anymore, all of a sudden, NOW she's my cat. But let Sam come to the house, and she acts like I don't exist. Although I'm the one who feeds her, and changes her litter. TRAITOR!! She's sooooooo picky that she has to eat out of my hand. I dare better not put her food on the floor!! Cheers!!

bobbybegood1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jazzy said...

You really love your little star, Val, he's blessed with a mom like you. Named after the great Percy Bysshe Shelley?
Happy Birthday cutie!

SnarkAngel said...

Happy birthday, Shelley, and best wishes for many, many more to come!

Eliza said...

Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful :-D

Technically none of ours are allowed in the bedrooms...truthfully they all come in if they can, despite the hundreds of other places that they can sleep.

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