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Saturday, February 20, 2010


One of Bobby's best.

If he's not kneeling over a body at the start of an episode, Bobby's always rooting around.

I think I'd need oxygen after meeting Bobby. Or Vincent.

I couldn't even reach that light on tiptoe.

Bobby auditions for The Joker in the next Batman movie.

Det. Goren accidentally pushes over the set door jamb.

He blames God. Or maybe the people upstairs.

He forgets he's on camera and goes to pick his nose.

Tch, tch, tch, those nails are in need of a scrub again, darling.
Or I could suck them for you...

OK, I accept your offer, you can use your tongue to refresh any part of me you choose.

Trying out for Mr Darcy with a wayward Regency curl.

Yes please.

Let's not forget Bobby's little dance.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mad Hops

This episode gives a whole new meaning to the word "digital".

Just look at those digits.

Can I clean out those nails for you, sweetheart?

What's the longest digit in the world?
This one, I guess.

Bobby gives Val a clear shot at his neck.

Giving the thumb.
We all know what that means in VDO terms.

Bobby displays his own personal abacus.
The hand and fingers are so big, you can count using the joints as well,
not just the fingers.

Let's not forget the wrist. Bet he doesn't have to exercise that very often...

Poor ickle red nose, baby's got a cold.

Bobby, you don't need that tongue to lubricate - well, any of us, really.

No, I don't think you're boasting.

And I'm sure you do like to explore with that finger first.

Ooh, shout at me, baby.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Which, of course, means First-Person Shooter.

Whatever that is.

Ah, the light grey suit, it has so many advantages.

Bobby closes his eyes and tries to identify the body by touch and smell

Bobby listens to the Vixens and goes for Bishop by the throat.

Big grin.

Bigger grin.

Even bigger grin.

Biggest grin.

Bobby remembers the moment when he had his hand round Bishop's neck.

Bobby indicates that he may have used his tie for another purpose.
Like strangling Bishop.

"I just can't get rid of her. If only Eames were here to give me some ideas."

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