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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Collection

is not posthumous. I'm glad to say.

It contains his serious concern

his beautiful hands

his expressive face

his undercover delights

his mega-shoulders

his stubble

his butt

and an extra little weekend treat

Friday, September 09, 2011

Half Baked

After all, Nelda is semi-detached from Barry, not Bobby. It makes no sense.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Wanted for Murder?

Of the English language.

I just watched a programme about the "Ground Zero Mosque".

I'm not a fan of any religion. Too many people have been killed in the name of a god, back to the medieval crusades and beyond.

I hate how some major religions put women into a subservient position. And as far as I understand that can mean orthodox Judaism as much as Islam.

I can understand the opposition of the people who lost someone on 9/11 to a Muslim place of worship so close to the site destroyed by Muslim fundamentalists. I understand the moderate Muslims' wish to have a place of worship and reconciliation.

They won't understand one another on principle.

But while they duke it out, did the anti-mosque movement that has apparently grown up across the US have to commit the murder of English?

One of the official posters at a rally stated "our piece and quite are not for sale".

Are they "quite" sure? And "piece" of what? Cake?

It would be funny if it were not so tragic.

Let's Eat Him Up

That's the idea that consumes me.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My continued good luck

You won't believe this.

The jackpot of the Euromillions lottery last night was well over £100,000. This morning I had an email saying that there was some news on my account. I clicked over to check it, and I had WON!!!


Daft Addled Wankers

You are not going to believe this latest censorship of an episode.

So there we are with an episode where a woman vomits all over herself before staggering in front of a bunch of cars and being run over repeatedly. There is a doctor who has murdered over 200 people. And what do they chop? "A little oral pleasure"!!!

I mean, I hate that line (it should be uttered to me by Bobby) but I reserve my right to be revolted by it alongside all the murder and mayhem!

My Winning Letter

In my student days (in the 1970s), the students' union ran the campaign to recruit the members of the university team for University Challenge. If this is still the case, then it shows that women students are perhaps undervalued even more than in those embryonic liberal times.

For the last two weeks (22nd and 29th August) all the teams from co-educational institutions were male-only. In fact, the number of women on the programme this year has been abysmally small. I was not a supporter of all-female colleges at Oxford, Cambridge and the one or two other places that had them, but now I see that the undermining of women's education when these colleges were mixed seems to have been exactly as it was predicted by opponents of mixing them. Women have been sidelined and excluded. I don't know how the young men on these teams have the nerve to sit there and pretend to be representative of their student body.

Perhaps it is time to change either the recruitment process, or the conditions for the inclusion of a team in the competition, by the BBC's insisting on proportionate representation of women in the teams put forward for the competition.

Then perhaps it can address its own resistance to females in high positions such as Director General...

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lucky Me!

Apart from a break of a few years some time ago, there has been a TV quiz programme showing since I was a kid, called University Challenge.

Back then, there were the old universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge,whose individual colleges were entered as separate untities, and the newer so-called redbrick universities, like Bristol, Reading and the University of London colleges.

By the time I went to university in 1971, there was a whole new bunch of campuses, known as the plateglass universities. I went to one of these, Lancaster (now constantly in the UK top 10), and when they were entering the competition during my time there, I went to the initial meeting where team members began to be chosen. It was run by the students' union, and everyone in the lecture theatre could fill in a sheet with the answers to questions dictated by the student representatives. I treated it as a joke, but it gave me insight into how the team members were chosen.

Not all teams chose any female students back then, though there were some all-female colleges as Oxbridge, and at places like Durham. So women were regularly represented in the show.

I'm not a fan of single-sex education, so I wasn't sorry when the colleges all became mixed. Some folks said it would mean that female students would lose out, but I didn't see why (oh naive child that I was).

Well, the current series has been woefully lacking in female team members from universities old, new and middle-aged. After two weeks with no female contestants at all, I wrote a letter to Radio Times, the BBC's listings magazine, suggesting they amend the rules of entry so that universities have to have a team representative of the gender make-up of their institution.

I just received my copy for next week, and apart from seeing that Channel 5 is premiering Season 8 from next Wednesday, they printed my letter.

Not only printed it, but chose it as their Letter of the Week, which means I have won the following treasure from the company Pure:

Oasis Flow

Rechargeable Weatherproof Digital, FM and Internet Radio

Roam free with Oasis Flow, a rechargeable internet-connected radio that can withstand the rigours of outdoor life thanks to its rugged weatherproof case, cast aluminium framework and rubber seals.

Like all our products with Flow technology, Oasis Flow combines digital radio and FM reception with a Wi-Fi connection, to provide you with a world of listening. Enjoy internet radio, listen again programmes, podcasts, PURE Sounds and music streaming when you’re in range of your wireless network, and digital and FM radio wherever you are.

Whether you’re listening to the game in the park, news in the garden or music in the bath, Oasis provides hours of portable listening from its built-in ChargePAK battery. More than a radio, Oasis also has an input for your iPod/MP3 player making it a great-sounding outdoor speaker for barbecues and picnics.
•Digital, FM and internet radio
•Flow technology for internet radio, listen again programmes, podcasts, PURE Sounds, and media streaming from a Wi-Fi-enabled computer
•FlowSongs service enables you to buy music direct from your radio
•Weatherproof and splash resistant
•Rugged design and build quality
•Rechargeable for up to 9 hours portable listening. (Based on DAB listening. Other functions may vary.)
•Connect an iPod/MP3 player
•30 digital radio presets, 10 FM presets and unlimited internet favourites
•3.5mm stereo headphone socket
•Upgradable via Wi-Fi or USB

And here's my prize (which costs £150!):I never usually win anything!

Who Gives A Fig

about the storylines? Though this one is OK - not one of the best, but with some excellent bits. Still don't understand how Bobby makes a clicking noise with his fingers while wearing latex gloves though...

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