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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bye-Bye Bobby, Arrivederci Vincent

Blogger's stopped posting pictures, so this is all for now.

This is my last post before I zoom off on Zoom Airlines to Canada.

The Radio Times letters page today has an enquiry from a LOCI fan asking what's happened to the missing episodes, and Hallmark has told them the missing ones were news-sensitive (? all five of them?) and will be shown on "a Saturday in September" not specified. So there will be a Bobby-fest waiting for me when I get back!

See you all on September 1st or 2nd (depending on jetlag).

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The face says it all

How a bad back led to a bad back

A while ago I bought a new Panasonic 100% stainless steel microwave when the previous silver one, with a painted interior, started to develop bubbles and flaking inside. It's a great machine.

On Sunday I managed to rick my back, and the osteopath recommended putting heat on it, and on my stiff neck. I have two pads which are heated in the mocrowave. In I threw them. They must have jammed against the ceiling of the oven, and the next thing I knew, the oven had burn-out. Just a couple of days before my pet-sitting friend is due to move in. I think it's under guarantee, but even if I could find the receipt, there isn't time to get is fixed.

So off I went to the electrical store and found the same model (sadly for the same price, too, no reductions) and I brought it home. Of course, bringing it in from the car, sertting it up, and removing the old one didn't do my bad back any good. But at least I can now warm my heat pads!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Vincent Lookalike, Egad!

Okay, so the post is the real Vincent in a selection from Season 2 (thanks to Frogger). But on the Tube yesterday I was sitting opposite a young man who bore a slight (not huge) resemblance to our man. He was Asian (which in the UK means Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi, not Chinese/Japanese) and very handsome. Not big enough, though. And not actually Vincent. Still, it was a pleasant experience looking at his lovely features for ten minutes.

A Surprise at the Zoo

I used another of my free tickets to London Zoo to take my good friend Pat along yesterday. It may be the 5th or 6th time this year that I've been there, but it's so different each time, they've all been great new experiences.

The baby meerkats were so fast asleep that no amount of nudging by the adults could get them to wake. I'm not the only person who was concerned that they might be dead. They had adults lying on them, in the top picture, but they only awoke when they were ready. Then one fell down one of the holes and couldn't get out. It scrabbled unsuccessfully, then started to jump up and down like something from a comedy show.
Finally it managed to scramble out to much applause from the entranced crowd.

The biggest surprise, though, came from the lions. The large pool separating them from the public was green with the duckweed growing in abundance thanks to the hot weather. Where it meets the wall, one of the lionesses was gazing intently at the water. I could just make out some movement, and thought that maybe an insect had landed there thinking it was grass, and was fluttering about enticingly. Then suddenly the lioness plunged into the water up to her elbows, muzzle in the drink, and came up with a large fish in her jaws! She disappeared off to eat it, refusing to give it up to the other, larger lioness, or even to the male, who had a look at the pool for himself, then slunk away to sulk. The last picture, through the reflections on the glass, shows the lionesses, the one to the left savouring her kill, the other apparently still hoping for a part of the snack.

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