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Saturday, December 02, 2006

What a Mover

So I shut down the computer and rebooted it, and suddenly, as if by miracle, I was able to play the DVD again and do some more caps. (No change on Blogger, though).

I felt like seeing the lovely Vincent D'Onofrio showing off his dancing talent (not to mention those big hands). Somehow I don't think any of you will object either!

If only...

Hoskeyapin mentioned Vincent talking to people online. I heard that he used to, but no longer has the time. I can't imagine he visits our blogs. He doesn't strike me as the sort of person who checks himself on Google.

But my lucky German correspondant tells me HE PHONED HER a couple of weeks after they met, and her daughter took the call. She didn't have the courage to phone back.

It may have been 2 years ago, but I think it's still worth a try. Better still, I have offered to try for her, and explain her failure to call back sooner.

I am as green as a meadow of fresh grass.


Forewarned is not forearmed

Wendy warned of Blogger problems, but all seemed fine - till I tried to create a post and found no picture icon, and no Compose/HTML tabs.

Add to that the fact that PowerDVD allowed me to start capturing images from Pas De Deux, then froze, and when I started it again gave me incomprehensible messages about something TV being enabled, and protected discs. NOT A CLUE!

Let's just hope the slide show I made from the few pictures I managed to capture will now post using code.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Elton's Tongue

I just capped Claire Dolan and thought I'd share these tantalising glimpses with you.

Another Lucky Lady

I'm awaiting further confirmation, but I've had an email from a German journalist who actually MET Vincent when she was is NYC in 2004. He was "very tall, very charming and full of fun...a very nice guy".

If I understood her follow-up email, she, her party and his spent the evening together and exchanged phone numbers. She's going to see if her friend still has any photos.


Oldies and Goodies

There's this old joke about when when someone is insulted, they say, "I didn't come here to be insulted" and the other person says, "Where do yo usually go?"

Remind anyone of anything?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Guy

I'm on a roll!

I just found out that if I use PowerDVD I can play Region 1 DVDs on my computer AND CAPTURE IMAGES FROM THEM!!

So here, for the very first time, are my own picures of the lovely Naked Vincent.

I had to have an ice bath after watching THAT scene from only a matter of inches away.

Inches. Ah, yes...

I can vouch for the fact that the glimpse of a certain part of that lovely anatomy is not faked, with a lot of care it can be freeze-framed.

Is this what you all wanted?

Thanks to those whose efforts provided these pictures for me to bring to you. Some are Eliza's, and I apologise for not being able to credit the others.

Because so many of you requested it

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I would have gone further but I'm in a classroom with teenagers!

Executive Decision

I think the troll has had its fair chance to become a pleasant member of our blogging community, and has failed. From now on I will be ignoring it, and deleting its posts as soon as I see them. Please join me in giving it the cold shoulder, and we'll concentrate on the lovely man and our appreciation of him instead.

NOT a Monster

Shirtsleeves, shoulders, hands, eyes, brow.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Missing Monster

In their wisdom Hallmark left out some episodes of Season 2, and is now on Season 3. (Next week they go back to some of them, so they can't say it's because they are too adult for 8pm. Not that they deign to tell us their real reasons - or indeed any reasons at all).

I just love the open-necked shirt, the folded arms, the shades, the shoulders, the expressions.

I'd ask what you love, but I think I already know the answers!

If you can't take the heat...

I'm getting quite attached to my latest troll. I especially liked the bit where JoJo asked "it" (I think I may be allowed to call someone of indeterminate sex who calls me a gay male faggot "it") if Peeinshorts was a Native American name and it answered by explaining its name as if JoJo was serious!

Its latest amazing series of posts tells me to stop deleting its posts - ON MY OWN BLOG! It accuses an anonymous blogger whose identity most of us probably know of hiding behind anonymity as if Peeinshorts is actually an identifiable name. It rants against the weight of the Lovely Vincent D'Onofrio and is rude about the very sister whose feelings it was so concerned about it even left me the email address so I could contact EDO myself. (As if would put myself forward in such a way). It tells other people to pee off from MY blog (and I think it would also like me to do so) whereas it can't get into its thick head that IT is the unwelcome one.

Well if we all annoy it so much, if it doesn't actually like the beautiful man, if it doesn't like what I put on my blog, why does it continue to visit?

I won't turn on comment moderation unless I really get annoyed - at the moment it is a mild but amusing irritant, a bit like a feather tickling you. I know my good, sweet, Vincent-loving visitors will battle through the inconvenience. Meanwhile, continue to enjoy the stupidity of one who just doesn't understand a single thing you say.

Oh, and enjoy a few pictures of the gorgeous Vincent that I captured from the Season 6 episodes that Eliza was good enough to send me. And of course, look for this post on Google Alerts. With luck Vincent himself might be moved to look at a blog where some nasty visitor is making rude remarks about him.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Need More Time!

I'm still posting Undaunted Mettle 'cos I haven't had time to cap any more of the Season 3 episodes I've recorded. I hoped to have two more to go, and time to do them this evening but technology has defeated me again. As I was editing out the commercial breaks from Pravda the parrots played up, and I ended up editing out too much. When I tried to undo it, the instructions didn't work. I have managed to retrieve a bit, but have no idea why it worked, so I still have missing moments.

Add to all this the fact that I have 5 days' work this week instead of the 4 I hoped for (and could have a 6th if schools were open an extra day!) and everything is getting behind (if my housework could possibly get further behind).

We're Going To The Zoo

I thought I'd continue my experiment with a post from my animal pictures.

The lioness isn't eating a human. The hand is reflected in the glass. She's rubbing round something that had probably been infused with catnip or some other substance that makes big cats go silly.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Strange But True

It seems unbelievable to some of our more simple readers (those whose name suggests they need an incontinence pad to avoid wetting themselves) that similar pictures may have been done by different people.

The first picture below I captured from my Amazon-bought DVD of Season 2. I played it on my computer, and with the help of PowerDVD I froze a frame and captured it to "My Pictures". I then uploaded it to Photobucket to convert it to a jpg file so that it could be posted on this blog. Most of this was with the help of the magical Eliza. (And no. troll, I'm not a gay FEMALE faggot either, but I do wonder what you are).

The one below is an almost identical shot which came from Frogger's blog. She has used a different programme to capture it, but because we both worked from the same original material it is not possible for us all to produce different caps. Apart from anything else, often the only bit you can capture is governed by the only moment in a shot when no-one was moving!

I know most of you are aware of all this technical stuff, and as we get keener on producing stuff instead of always relying on others to do it for us, we develop our skills and help each other. Occasionally a new producer of really original stuff, like Lilly, emerges and we are all bowled over, but mostly what we produce is what is technically possible. I can't shoot each episode anew (oh if only I could, with the man himself) so I have to use the same sources as everyone else.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

But Not Forgotten

Well, that certainly applies to the memorable Vincent D'Onofrio.

Memory and Memories

Last night Mozart's opera Cosi Fan Tutte was on TV. It was a production from last summer's Glyndebourne Festival in Sussex, where a theatre in the grounds of a country house puts on a rather exclusive opera festival every summer. For those who don't know, the opera is about a cynical older man trying to prove to his younger friends that their girls are as fickle as any others.

In 1990 I sang the role of one of the girlfriends (who are sisters) and lived with the role for 18 months. I thought I'd never forget it. Last night my menopausal brain allowed me to sing along (in Italian) until LOCI called on another channel. I was so chuffed!

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