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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Honours Board

Working at my old school has certain advantages - for instance, every time I go up a certain staircase, I cannot help but see two of my three entries on the school's Honours Boards. When I first appeared, in 1969, 16-year-olds who had just passed five or more 'O' Level exams were included under the box containing 18-year-olds who had gained three or more 'A' Levels. But the numbers were getting so large that the hall would soon have been swamped with boards, so the following year only those with 'A' Levels were included, and that's where I am under the 1971 entry. You can see both in the first two columns, almost side by side in the top half of the board. Tried and failed to find a way to highlight it...

Sadly, I also have to look at the previous board where my bitch sister appears. Only once, though, 'cos she only got 2 'A' Levels.


It may have been a crap season, but with looks like this our Bobby kept the interest up.

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