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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wrong and right reasons to be known

When I put the Victoria Wood sketch Two Soups, starring Julie Walters, on my YouTube site it was the only place it appeared. Even though last time I looked there was one more, it continued to be my most viewed and commented-on post.

But when I got home on Wednesday and checked my emails, I was surprised and shocked to see a new batch of comments with messages like "Victoria Wood RIP".

But so it was. A true comic genius was gone at just 62. I'd rather my YT remain unknown and she still be alive.

I'm quite chuffed to have been on the radio twice today, though, in a programme on BBC Radio 4 called iPM. I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago by one of my favourite news presenters, Eddie Mair. I had responded to an item about a young woman of 30 who didn't want children, but couldn't get sterilised. I was sterilised 40 years ago at the age of 23, and I was amazed to find that all these years later women were still being treated like idiots who don't know their own minds.

I was taken to Broadcasting House and back in a Prius taxi, and was delighted to find that Eddie is every bit as charming and professional as he sounds.

Yesterday I was asked to OK the publishing of an article on the BBC's online news magazine, and agreed to forward some pictures. After the morning broadcast the article appeared, as I discovered on my way home from the shops when I bumped into the mother of a former student of mine who had already seen and read it! I don't know if it's available abroad. Here's the link to the magazine for those who can access it:

And here's the link for the broadcast:

I think you'll have to copy and paste.

Now I've received a request to take part in a telephone interview tomorrow evening on Radio 5 Live. I almost feel like a celebrity!

Meanwhile my cousin's daughter has come through the third brain operation of her 40 year life. This time she has a small daughter of her own. My cousin is now in her 70s and has had to deal with death after illness after tragedy in her family. She seriously deserves some good luck. And a rest.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

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