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Saturday, November 13, 2010

No Comments (Update)

Having just sent a message to my Yahoo spam folder that came from YouTube, I was a bit worried that I might lose all future comments from that source. SO I decided to check my spam folder or the first time ever.

I was staggered to find that all the comments that appeared on my blog but not in my inbox had been filtered out by the spam guard. SOME OF THEM WERE THE EMAILS OF MY OWN POSTS!

I have had to turn the spam guard off.

Meanwhile, since getting this new computer, I have found that no one's avatars appear on any blog comments pages. I'm sure there's an easy way to alter my security settings to allow this, but I haven't the time or patience at the moment to hunt for the solution. ANy ideas, anyone?

Kiss Chase and a Run For It

Not wanting to miss a moment of the baby gorilla's progress, I took myself off to London Zoo again on Friday.

New male Kesho was trying to make an impression on Effie. They had access to the outside from their sleeping quarters. He really was acting the Alpha Male. As he advanced on Effie, she cowered, crossing her arms across her chest in subjugation.

Those watching were shocked when he hit her, but the shock turned to laughter when she chased him and hit him back. There followed the gorilla version of "tag", which sadly was too quick to get on film.

Kesho turns his back on his admirers while Effie says "bumholes" to him.

Mjukuu kept her baby very close to her chest and far from the crowds while she had a snack.

The day started OK, but became progressively colder and windier, and then wet. That didn't stop the tamandua in the Rainforest Zone from trying to make a bid for freedom.

Tamanduas are a small kind of anteater. I had never seen this little beauty before, as they tend to stay hidden away till dusk. Obviously it's decided it likes daylight, but I don't think it would have stayed outside long even if the volunteers hadn't intercepted it on its way to the doors.


He has a quiet, soft-grained voice. He's modest and self-effacing. He doesn't have an inflated view of his own importance. "I'm just an actor," he says. Who, watching this video, could think he was anything more than just an ordinary guy?

(With thanks to StudioFive and all those responsible for this little gem.)

Yes, Vincent D'Onofrio is ordinary, as demonstrated in these pictures:

As we see here, he is "just an actor":

Anything here to make us think he is talented or hot?


Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Crystal Palace

In London's Hyde Park in 1851 there took place The Great Exhibition, to exhibit the wonderful new inventions of the Industrial Revolution. The architectural engineer Joseph Paxton designed it, and it contained the wares of 14,000 exhibitors from across the world in its nearly 1 million square feet of exhibition space.

After the Exhibition was over, the huge glass and steel structure was dismantled and moved in an enlarged format to Sydenham Hill in south London. There it became one of the places of amusement for Victorians of all classes. A 12-year-old girl, Daisy Ashford, even wrote a little novel, The Young Visiters (sic) some of which was set there.

It remained an attraction - though somewhat shabbier - till it burned down in 1936. Apparently the flames could be seem from several counties surrounding London, and people came from all around the capital to see what was lighting up the night sky.

Very little remained once the debris was cleared away. One of the water towers (visible in the pictures below) was still standing, but had to be demolished during the Second World War in case it provided a landmark for the Luftwaffe.

Some of the stone terracing still exists in the park, and the statues of dinosaurs which were part of the permanent display decorate the surroundings. The cutting for the railway line which took visitors to the exhibitions is still visible as it disapears into a tunnel in the hillside of the nearby Sydenham Hill Woods. There still is a Crystal Palace railway station, and Crystal Palace football team, keeping the memory of The Crystal Palace alive.

A postcard picture of the full frontage of the Palace.
A closer view from another postcard.

A colour postcard from .a different angle

After the fire of November 20th 1936.
If you'd like to read a bit more, there's an entry on Wikipedia:

Sweet Innocence

Do you suppose our man likes shorts because he's so L-O-N-G?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sun Worshipper

Meet JJ.

He is the rescue dog my student with ALD's mum has taken in. He is the most laid-back, placid and friendly dog ever invented!

It's only 10 days since he was castrated, and he still hasn't had his stitches out, but you can see how worried he looks as he strives to take full advantage of a spot of sunshine.

Actually, he does get very attentive when the "resident" wood pigeon appears in the garden, and if he sees a cat, pussy beware.

If anyone is interested in learning more about ALD, you can find out here:

Don't you just wish... could make Elton smile?

Mmmmm, does that man know how to kiss!

Just as my album starts to get really interesting:

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Giant Digits Day

With thanks to the person named Wilkinson who took this (and many other) pictures of Vincent at the Naples Film Festival, the pictures were all wonderful, and usually I don't publish the ones I receive for which there might be copyright issues (and anyway, I like to keep them for myself!) but this one stopped me in my tracks.

My. God. What A. HUGE. And. Gorgeous. Hand.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Dog Lovers Beware

I bought one of these toys (or something very similar) from the local Sainsbury's supermarket for my student's rescue dog. It gives an amusing Oink, and needs a good bit of pressure to produce the sound.

Within an hour, it lay in easily swallowable pieces, its innards of nylon fibre stuffing lying about waiting to choke the little fellow.

I cannot recommend too sincerely that you avoid this toy unless you know beforehand that it really is as durable and safe as the supplier swears.

My Guy Album in Photobucket

When you get to this picture:

you are about to find yourself confronted with this:

for the next 60+ pictures, until finally it lets you keep this:

Which is why my Guy pictures live on my USB external drive.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Why did the butterfly flutter by?

No idea. It is November after all.

But this red admiral landed on my fence today for quick sunbathe.

Close inspection shows that the tip of its left antenna is missing. Will this affect it? Do they overwinter, or do they die? These are things I need to know. Anyone?

As an aside, when the new Rainforest Zone opened in London Zoo, they had tropical butterflies included. Unfortunately the tamarin monkeys found them too tempting, and soon they were all gone.
TV info for UK Vixens.
On Tuesday on ITV1 at 8pm there is the start of a new series about ZSL London Zoo and its sister wildlife park at Whipsnade.
And tonight at 7pm on True Movies 2 they are showing The Taking of Pelham 123 - the proper version!

It couldn't be clearer

Seriously. I couldn't get this cap any clearer, as the focus wasn't on Bobby (crazy cameraman!) but I just had to use it!

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