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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kiss Chase and a Run For It

Not wanting to miss a moment of the baby gorilla's progress, I took myself off to London Zoo again on Friday.

New male Kesho was trying to make an impression on Effie. They had access to the outside from their sleeping quarters. He really was acting the Alpha Male. As he advanced on Effie, she cowered, crossing her arms across her chest in subjugation.

Those watching were shocked when he hit her, but the shock turned to laughter when she chased him and hit him back. There followed the gorilla version of "tag", which sadly was too quick to get on film.

Kesho turns his back on his admirers while Effie says "bumholes" to him.

Mjukuu kept her baby very close to her chest and far from the crowds while she had a snack.

The day started OK, but became progressively colder and windier, and then wet. That didn't stop the tamandua in the Rainforest Zone from trying to make a bid for freedom.

Tamanduas are a small kind of anteater. I had never seen this little beauty before, as they tend to stay hidden away till dusk. Obviously it's decided it likes daylight, but I don't think it would have stayed outside long even if the volunteers hadn't intercepted it on its way to the doors.


SnarkAngel said...

Good to see mother and child doing well! The tamandua is MOST interesting.

Anonymous said...

The colouring on the tamandua is beautiful. He didn't seem to be overly distressed to be amoungst so many people. Love the baby and mama shots as well.

Jean said...

I think I'd seriously question my safety in that zoo.... ! The tamandua is cool, but i'm glad my butt and face don't look exactly alike. Evolution has been kind to some of us.

potzina said...

The tamandua is a beautiful creature. I love the way he moves, he's funny. Thanks for posting, Val.

Eliza said...

I watched The Zoo the other night..fascinating to see what goes on out of sight. I think the gorillas deserve their place as some of the favourite, if not THE favourite animals, there :-)

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