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Friday, January 03, 2014

Nothing New

But how could I resist sharing two tempting tiggers with you?

Sweet Melati relaxing.

Hunky Jae Jae snoozing.
Have a click for a bigger pic.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Big Mistake

Just watched an episode of SVU where Dean Winters (who plays Olivia's boyfriend, and was also the crooked cop at the night club with Goren in Purgatory) was accused of rape. The officer in charge of the sting at the end that saved him appeared to BE him. Even the voice was the same.

Then I remembered seeing another Winters in the opening credits. So I looked them up Scott William Winters is Dean's younger brother by one year.

I really think using a looky-likey soundy-likey was a very confusing mistake.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Anthony, not Dick

That's the artist Van Dyck, not the actor Van Dyke. Sounds the same though.

For nearly three decades the BBC had produced a programme called Antiques Road Show, in which antiques experts tour the country, and in prime locations film them examining and valuing people's treasures. I believe it also exists in other lands - Canada, Australia, possibly the US too. Certainly they have done "specials" from those places and achieved a following.

Occasionally they find a total gem of exceptional monetary value. One such was the rare slipware jug  Ozzie the Owl, who sold for over £20,000:

A few months ago a priest brought in a painting he had bought for £400, hoping to find it was worth more, so he could sell it to get his church bells replaced. The experts thought it just might be a lost Van Dyck, which would make it worth rather more than the man thought.

Turns out it is - and it may be worth £400,000! Much restoration and research seems to reveal it might be a sketch for a group portrait that was destroyed hundreds of years ago.

Don't know about you, but if I gambled £400 on an art work, it would turn out to be worth 40p!

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