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Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Dog, but minus the Alpha

Post 2100 was supposed to be perfect Alpha Dog, but life has other ideas.

I continue to struggle with getting this new computer set up to my satisfaction. Today I tried to capture stills from Alpha Dog at last, but I couldn't get the ratios right. They are coming out all long and thin, unless I do them widescreen, in which case they come out squashed down.

Nevertheless, I wasted a couple of minutes capturing a few early pictures, including a blooper.

A new "double exposure".

Now you see a stubby (non-Vincent) hand... you see a glove.

The Towering Vinceferno

Good to see your back.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Blond Bird

This is a "normal" female duck. She is quite dark.

Hereabouts, we have some females who look a bit ruddy, but today this very blond girl swam into view on the local river.

Granted, she doesn't look as different in these pictures as she does in real life, but I've done the post now, so you'll have to either like it - or lump it!

Best Defence

This album was terminally slow in loading today, so I only had about half of it to choose from.
I don't much like the episode, but Bobby had such fun.
Look at those lovely, ruffled curls.

The towelette thing.

Double helping.

Sadly, Bobby mimicking the metrosexual guy dropped out of the mix.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Romney Marsh and Rye

I was absent from the ranks of bloggers on Tuesday to visit my cousins in Kent. They always invite my best friend along as part of the family, since she looked after everyone's needs at my mother's funeral.

We visited Rye, just across the border in Sussex. It is an ancient (actually, antient) town, part of the Cinque Ports confederation that was set up in the 12th century to protect the south coast of England. There are some very old buildings. Parts of the church date to the lare 11th century.

My cousin June flanked by her husband Mick
and my friend Susanna outside the castle.
You can just see the Romney Marsh wind farm in the distant.
The turbines are quite attractive, though massive.
There are loads of wattle-and-daub houses in Rye. I like
this one because it keeps its natural colours - the supposed
"traditional" black-and-white was a Victorian invention.

Nevertheless, you can't fault this amazingly beautiful building
that overlooks the church.

We had lunch at The Woolpack, a pub - or perhaps I
should say inn - that dates back to the
15th century.

We had a great day, with the weather - forecast to be rainy - keeping fine, hot and sunny for us.


Ooh, this was a toughie. It has some of my favourite stills of himself that I possess. But I promised just three, so here's what I whittled it down to.


No comment needed.

Look at that neck!

This is one of my favourite pictures of Bobby EVER.

Yup. That's right. Four.
Well, which one would you have discarded?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Such a strong profile. So thoughtful, so stern.

Something about his hand at his face.

Just because.

Monday, August 03, 2009


Found a great way to choose my 3 pictures. I select a whole load, paste the code on to my blog page, then delete the ones I don't love as much as the others. Only leaves me with about 200...
I narrowed it down to the thumb

the tongue and shoulders

and the groin.

Hope that meets with everyone's approval.
I'm off to spend the day with one of my cousins tomorrow, so if I don't get back early enough - or if I'm too knackered - I won't be able to post.
This also means I won't get my DVD from Eliza till the evening - but as she has kindly sent me a link, I have watched it, and all I can say is WOOF! Alpha Dog indeed. No, not the model, and not Duke.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Although the story in this episode was tragic, it was good to see Bobby being clever and funny.

And handsome.

RIght eyebrow. Left eyelashes.

Just look at the set of that jaw.

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