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Monday, August 03, 2009


Found a great way to choose my 3 pictures. I select a whole load, paste the code on to my blog page, then delete the ones I don't love as much as the others. Only leaves me with about 200...
I narrowed it down to the thumb

the tongue and shoulders

and the groin.

Hope that meets with everyone's approval.
I'm off to spend the day with one of my cousins tomorrow, so if I don't get back early enough - or if I'm too knackered - I won't be able to post.
This also means I won't get my DVD from Eliza till the evening - but as she has kindly sent me a link, I have watched it, and all I can say is WOOF! Alpha Dog indeed. No, not the model, and not Duke.


judith said...

the groin ones to dark to see anything.x

ann said...

and of course where there's groin, there's thigh - have a great day tomorrow

Tess said...

As usual Val, you know what we like to see!

jazzy said...

you said it, ann.
those thighs are just mind melting.

SnarkAngel said...

Now that's some "baggage" I could definitely carry!!!

BASRIC said...

No back, but I settle for shoulders:}

Love them all.

Eliza said...

You have impeccable taste, as always :-D

Judith: you may have to do what I do and get to about an inch away from the screen LOL

Anonymous said...

You may have only posted 3 (well done!) but at least you know you have LOTS of others.

judith said...

eliza.. sort of groin in your face you mean??!x

sixtwosue said...

I love this episode. That weasel guy looks even more pathetic when he's in the same room as Male Perfection.

PurpleVixen7 said...

Thighs of that hunk..WOOF,WOOF..PURRR!!

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