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Saturday, March 13, 2010


I switched on my computer this evening intending to cap In The Dark. As the connection warmed up, I created the new picture albums and got out the dvd.

Then I looked at my mail. Oh my. All those videos of Vincent, and so little time.

ITD didn't get capped.

Heather did such a great job of finding all this stuff, and I'm hoping she doesn't mind if I post an egg-flavoured taster for those who haven't seen this yet.

Friday, March 12, 2010


There's a lot to be thankful to furniture for in this episode. And to pockets.

Believe me, Bobby, you score a LOT more than 5!

Bobby, are you flirting with a suspect?

Up to bed, anyone?

Oof! Don't be cross with me.
Or if you are, spank me now!

Yes, I'll get down and get ready for my punishment.

That button can barely manage the strain of being stretched across that chest.

Don't mess with Bobby!

Oh look, the button burst. So did my brain.

What can I say?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Barrier


You don't need to play with your own fingers, darling, I'll happily do that for you.

After some vigorous love-making, Goren finds that his manhood has dislodged Val's IUD.

Baby needs me to comfort him.

Nicole walks off in a huff when Bobby prefers stroking thin air to fondling her breasts.

Just look at that arm!

How about those shoulders?

Bobby's eyes nearly pop out when Nicole flashes him.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time Out

By the time I was able to log on tonight, there was not enough time to cap the next episode (it will take a lot of attention - it's Great Barrier!) so I will be recycling an old video.

My problem was that I gathered up my dear old Shelley in my arms, and he stayed snuggled up for much longer than usual. With such an old cat, it's always advisable to avoid regret and give him every second I can.

So, certain that I did not have time to cap, I decided to use my older computer (the new one has the Season 4 folder on it). Well, even though I took off almost everything on it a couple of weeks ago and stored them on my USB drive, it was still V-E-R-Y slow to start with.

Anyway, contrary to what this video says, I'm not falling, I've fallen already.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fancy that

I saw a programme on TV today about fake money. Apparently 1 in 40 £1 coins in the UK is a fake. Of course I immediately checked all mine (including the ones in the moneybox) and they are all real.

What you do is, you hold it with the Queen's head upright between your finger and thumb, then when you pivot it round, the picture on the other side should also be upright, with the words "one pound" in the same position as the Queen's neck. If it's on the skew, it's a fake.

If you don't have a note checker (and let's face it, outside shops, who does?) the best thing to look for in a banknote is the metal strip. It looks like a broken line to the naked eye, but if you hold it up to the light, the line is unbroken. Don't trust the watermark, as there are some good forgeries of that.

Just thought you'd like to know.


And I do.

Thank you, desk.

See how I set that curl free when I ruffled his hair?

Bobby bites his knuckles to prevent him crying out as I pleasure him under the table.

Just look at those lashes!

If it's chocolate you want, Bobby, I have some you can spread over my body then lick off.

Bobby offers his neck for a lick and a snog.

Passionate Bobby.

Gorgeous Bobby.

Angry Bobby.

Monday, March 08, 2010

In Memoriam

The tenor Philip Langridge has died aged 70.

The name may not mean much to most of you. For me, it is the first time that something in which I have been involved has been mentioned in the obituaries.

In 1984, when I was a member of the committee for the Laurence Olivier awards, we voted Philip Langridge the winner of the prize for the best individual performance in an opera. It was for his performance in the Janacek opera Osud. It's a bit like the Best Actor award at the Oscars.

He was not at the awards ceremony, as he was performing abroad, so I never got to meet him. But his son collected the award on his behalf, and we exchanged a few words.
With the Welsh National Opera's production of From The House of the Dead winning the best new opera production prize, it was Janacek night all round.


I was so intent on sorting out my internet connection and then retrieving and wathcing The New Tenants that I completely missed the news that it won the Oscar.

Well done to all concerned. It was certainly different.

(Thanks to Eliza for the picture)
As for the internet problems, it turns out that the unrelated network that keeps asking me if I want to sign up to it was interfering with my wireless connection. The person at Sky took me through the procedure of changing to another channel and, Hey Presto! I'm back with all guns blazing.

Posthumous Collection

So how exactly do these nutters who kill lookalikes think that means they are getting their own back on the person who caused them pain? Duh!

Only four Vixens at a time? I can manage more than that.

Det. Goren is upset to see that his lunch has burnt.

You can actually see in his brow, when watching this scene,

the moment when it dawns on Goren that the women in the pictures are dead.
Brilliant acting.

Somebody doesn't like having his personal space invaded.

Goren tries to measure his shoulders against the square wall blocks.

Goren tries to make out the naughty details in the photographic negative.

Wonder why Maisie's smiling?

She's trying not to look...

"Up!" Yes please, Bobby.

This pictures "cracks" me up - and Bobby, too.

Bobby can give me the finger any time.

Naughty Bobby gets sent to sit in the corner.

He knows how to get in a suspect's face.

But if that were me, I'd have to kiss him.

One of the best scenes in all LOCI:

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