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Saturday, August 02, 2008


Well, at last Photobucket came up with a suggestion that worked. They said I should try and delete then reinstall Adobe Flash Player 9.

I did, and it worked. Here's my trial slideshow.

Of course, this doesn't explain how it got corrupted on TWO computers simultaneously, at the precise moment that I renewed my Photobucket Pro subscription. I'm sure it couldn't be that the Bucket corrupted them, could it?

The album I took the slideshow from is an aberration. I accidentally uploaded Gone into an album that already contained Grow. Still, it's all Bobby, so...

Nuts, anyone?

Our intrepid detective was a bit late discarding the nasty nuts that the girl with eczema cream had handled.

Me? I'd probably lick the cream off his hands if the opportunity arose.

Movie Preview

My friend Susanna is a film buff. The other day she was reading an old film magazine called Premiere, dating from September 2001. In it she found a snippet about The Salton Sea, which had a premiere date of 25th December 2001 (Christmas Day? C'mon!)

Under the subheading of "Weight Watchers" it said:
Most of the actors needed to drop weight for their roles as junkies(and consulted the same dieticians Tom Hanks used for Cast Away) - except for D'Onofrio, who plays a sadistic dealer. "He said, 'Is it okay if I gain, like, 40 or 50 pounds?'" (director) Caruso recalls. "'Because I see this guy who doesn't take care of himself and has a really bad farmer's tan.'"

This is the result.

Thanks to Eliza for the pictures.

Happy Anniversary Drowsey Monkey

Drowsey's blogging friend Olga The Travelling Bra (yes, it's true) reminded Drowsey's regulars that it would be a year today since Drwosey started blogging.

For those of you who have never been there, Drowsey's blog is at (Sorry, I still don't know how to do the link thing.)

I love going to Drowsey's blog because she is so many things: amusing; witty (not the same thing); observant; broad in her knowledge and interests. And so much more. She has quirky views, and often a slightly quirky life, from what she blogs about it.

Although I originally found her on a Google Alert for Vincent, she doesn't blog about him, so it's a tribute to her that a hard-baked Vincent fan like me continues to visit her blog.

She is amazingly prolific (so much so that she had to take a blog-break a few months back, since when her picture blog that DID have Vincent on it has gone) and I know I missed her.

Happy First Birthday, Drowsey.

And as a special treat - here's Bobby, checking out Drowsey's blog:

Friday, August 01, 2008

Impressive Growth

Hallmark starts showing Season 5 again this evening, after getting halfway through it a couple of months ago, then going back to the beginning.

Back then, I hoped that the end of Season 5 would coincide with the start of Season 6. Dare I hope that this time around my guess will be correct?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beginning of the end...

...for Deakins.

I find I do not have a complete album for My Good Name, which is a shame, 'cos I wanted to post pictures from his arrest. Still, these will do :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beast in a Bucket

Photobucket fixed my slideshow problem. I no longer have to save slideshows, because thanks to their experts, I can't even MAKE them in the first place. THEY have successfully made shows in albums and sub-albums on my account. Bully for them. Now I need to be able to do it. They told me to try Mozilla Firefox, because it works better with Photobucket. Try telling them that. It won't even connect.

Anyway, here's some of Beast in separate pictures. Sorry, that means it will take you longer to look through them, and it will be easier to save them if you wanted to. What a privation!

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