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Saturday, August 02, 2008


Well, at last Photobucket came up with a suggestion that worked. They said I should try and delete then reinstall Adobe Flash Player 9.

I did, and it worked. Here's my trial slideshow.

Of course, this doesn't explain how it got corrupted on TWO computers simultaneously, at the precise moment that I renewed my Photobucket Pro subscription. I'm sure it couldn't be that the Bucket corrupted them, could it?

The album I took the slideshow from is an aberration. I accidentally uploaded Gone into an album that already contained Grow. Still, it's all Bobby, so...


Music Wench said...

Such a gorgeous man! Glad photobucket is working for you at last!

SnarkAngel said...

Glad you were able to solve the photobucket problem ... even if botophucket was responsible for the mess in the first place. Oh ... and that sound you're hearing is not your faucett dripping ... it's just li'l old me. Hee.

Zuxende said...

Hooray! PB is working. I for one am so glad; this is such a great group of pics!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, the techno-gods are a complete pain in the proverbial, but nothing gets in the way of drooling over Vincent!

Eliza said...

So glad you got PB sorted..I've missed staring at your slideshows for ages while I try and remember what else I should be doing :-)

jazzy said...

however, i do like your slideshow :)
v-e-r-y well done, val!

BASRIC said...

Still its Bobby! That says it all.

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