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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Aye-aye, what have we here? Slothful tigers

A little bit of Vincent to get you going.

 photo VOG248.jpg

I have been desperate to get a photo of London Zoo's aye-aye, but they are nocturnal, and so eve when they are visible in the nighttime world, getting a picture is almost impossible. This is the best I've managed.

Aye-ayes are a nocturnal type of lemur. They are persecuted because they look like little demons, with wide stary eyes and an elongated finger to tap bark to find insects, and then fish them out. They are bigger than you think with grey shaggy fur. I love them.

The sloths have a baby. They snuggled up in branches just above the walkway in the rainforest zone.

Dad JaeJae was relaxed as usual even though they've taken his daughter off to Heidelberg Zoo.

Meanwhile mum Melati, having given son Achilles a good wash, rested her head on him.He'll soon be off to Howlett's one of the Kent animal parks I visit, so I'll still be able to see him.

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