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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Scared Crazy went crazy

The weirdest thing happened. I capped Scared Crazy, renamed the pictures then uploaded them to Photobucket. When I checked them, the numbers were all wrong. So I went back to the album, and found that Vista had got the numbers wrong in the rename, starting halfway through, with the earliest pictures towards the end numerically. I struggled for several minutes to get them in the right order, which involved - well, I won't go into the boring details, but when I went to give them their proper name again - it re-ordered them again. So here are my choices, in the order chosen by my computer UNDER STERN PROTEST FROM ME!


Gorgeous from the feet...


...and up.

This one is here just for his eyelashes.

Bobby filling a doorway as only he can - oh, and note to hairdresser, THIS is how you dress his very short hair without the dorky crown halfway down.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Useless, dangerous, arrogant men drivers

Yesterday I was driving behind a taxi. A car pulled across the road from a side turning, causing me no inconvenience. Who knows what the cabby thought, though? He slammed on his brakes for no reason, and when the other driver tried to drive round him the cabby rolled down his window and started yelling at the guy. Then he leaned out of his window and tried to wrench open the car door. I started hooting (I hardly EVER use my horn) and eventually he drove off. I took his details down and tried to report him but as I was not the victim, a man who is not even fit to drive a car is allowed to carry on ferrying passengers.

Today as I waited at traffic lights to turn right, I noticed the guy in the car bahind me was on his mobile phone. This is illegal in Britain, though you'd never know it. After we took the turn, I realised he was also smoking - phone clamped by left hand to left ear, cigarette in right hand. His vehicle was quite large, and he could have caused major damage, especially as it was school chucking-out time and the crossing attendants were busy ferrying kids across this busy road.

Men think they are better drivers than women. Male CHILDREN thnk they are better drivers than women. It would be funny if it were not so dman dangerous.

Dark Blue Shirt

I love the shirt, I love the man in the shirt.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I forgot

For some reason that seemed reasonable at the time, but I can no longer remember, I decided to use my old computer today. As it warmed up, I thought, "Mmm, I have enough time to cap the rest of ITWSH tonight." So I whacked in the disc. But I'd forgotten that one of the reasons I bought a new computer was because the old one resolutely refused to play my homemade dvds.

Luckily, so had the computer. It played it just fine, and I was successfully capping before I even remembered I shouldn't be able to do so!

I guess AnyDVD finally came up with an update that made it possible to actually PLAY any dvd, not just the ones that are not my own.

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