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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last Chance To See

Back in 1990 the late lamented Douglas Adams (author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) published a book about his trip around the world with naturalist Mark Carwardine (whose name I have misspelt on the following video). They visited places where there was wildlife in danger of extinction.

Now Mark Carwardine has repeated the trip with Adams' friend Stephen Fry, and the journey is currently showing on TV. Fry is both brave and foolish to undertake this trip given his unfit state. However, it is Carwardine's experience with the flightless New Zealand parrot the kakapo that is the funniest and most memorable moment in the show so far. Looks pretty painful, too:


This is such a dark episode. It brings out some of Vincent's finest acting, though.

Det. Goren fills the garage - all by himself

Now that Val's lost weight, I can nearly fit her boob into here

Those arms...

Friday, October 09, 2009

Post 2200

We've all tried to help Vixenhood get its main man back for regular LOCI fixes. If we fail, it won't be for want of trying. Somehow this reused video and its song seem appropriate for how we feel right now.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mad Hops

This is another great episode, despite the cold fish. And even she warmed up a bit in this one.

There's plenty of porn in this episode, too:

Another avenue to explore

Diane and Tess posted this link to a petition to save Goren and Eames that was originally posted by BobbyG. I thought I'd post it over here for anyone who has missed it.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

All Fine and Dandy

You may remember that a few weeks ago big Dandy had a lump removed from his nose. It was a large lump and the incision was quite long - maybe an inch or more.

The vet only put in internal stitches, making the wound almost invisible from the start.

I just woke Dandy from a sleep - though it doesn't look like it! - to take a picture of how he looks today. There is just a little rubbed bit on the end of his snitch, probably caused by pushing head first out of the catflap. His majestic nose and beautiful looks have not been marred at all.

Congrats to the vet!

Plastic surgeon anyone?


No, not an exclamation of amazement, but the abbreviation of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children. It's where I've been the last three Wednesdays to teach my student who has ALD. He just had rods inserted in his back to help him sit up straighter, taking pressure off his ribcage and lungs.
This is the oldest part of the hospital, it has been added to repeatedly and extensively over the years. It's a centre of excellence for children's medicine and has an international reputation. For example, children come from all over the world for things like conjoined twin separation.

It never ceases to amaze me how busy parts of London manage to cram so much into a relatively tiny site. This building is just a few hundred yards from where the London bus was blown up in the 7/7/05 London bombings. It's in a really central location, a short walk away from the British Museum. So there are lots of cafes and restaurants around, as well as a couple of supermarkets, which is just as well, since in the hospital there is just a Costa Coffee inside a small cafe with a pretty limited food selection. When you consider that there are parents who spend days, weeks or months at the hospital with their children, I find that slightly scandalous.


A very dark episode, but isn't Bobby just divine. Or should that be D'Ivine?

Seems to be a good episode for neck pictures :-)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Does what it says on the tin

That's the slogan of an advert on British TV for products that protect household woodwork.

I rarely buy computer programmes that do what I want or expect, and by the time I've figured them out I've lost interest and moved on.

I was having problems uploading music on to my new ebook reader , and I was pretty sure it was because the tracks weren't in the right format. But how to convert them?

I found something in PC World that looked as if it might do the trick, but decided to ask the advice of a couple of salesmen. After some tapping keys and cogitating, they came to the conclusion that I would need some extra software. "Like this?" I said, producing this box from behind my back.

They said yes, so I bought it (for a lot less than it was on Amazon, where I found this picture). Seems I didn't really need their help at all.
It took a while to run all my tracks through it, but then they went straight into the ebook programme, then straight on to the ebook reader. Why can't things always be that simple?


There were a few kids in this I really wanted to slap around. What a pity Bobby's so restrained with the little upstarts.

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