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Friday, October 09, 2009

Post 2200

We've all tried to help Vixenhood get its main man back for regular LOCI fixes. If we fail, it won't be for want of trying. Somehow this reused video and its song seem appropriate for how we feel right now.


judith said...

Love his hair like that.x Thanks for sharing.x

JoJo said...

Congratulations on 2200 posts!!! WOW! You've come a long way since the first few back in, what was it, 2006?


Anonymous said...

Bravo Val, looking forward to the NEXT 2200 :0)

Eliza said...

2200 seems like a very big number..well done!!!

Thank You for reposting this was nice being able to sing along while enjoying the pictures :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Val, I have enjoyed reading your posts! Shows me I have a long way to go, LOL. Good job!

SnarkAngel said...

Ahhhhh! 2200! Congratulations, my dear! And thanks again, for allowing us to revisit the lovely slideshow. Love the song. Love the group. Love the MAN! XOXO

mauigirl said...

Happy 2200! Beautiful post Val. I love that ep and song is perfect. Love his hair that way; the way it is now; the way it will be. Just love him.

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