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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Adventures in Zoo Land

There was a shortage of tiger cubs on Friday when I was at the zoo, but plenty of baby gorilla action. This is Alika following mum round.

 photo DSC00915_zpsb9xuv0ex.jpg

And here we have triple tier gorllas, Mjukuu with her stepson Gernot on her bck, and her daughter Alika on the top!

 photo DSC00916_zps7lnqeb24.jpg

Finally Bhanu is in with two of his ladies. There is a hate-hate relationship with the third, RUbi, so she's not with them. This is either Heidi or Indi. I can't tell the difference.

 photo DSC00921_zpsppmmbly9.jpg

He is a very handsome boy.

 photo DSC00922_zpsmntyp4jw.jpg

I don't think he was evacuating his bladder but I'm not sure. It was not easy to get a good view.

 photo DSC00923_zpsntnkmajy.jpg

He paused to look up at his fans.

 photo DSC00924_zpsxyq54vma.jpg

The he looked into where we think there was food being prepared.

 photo DSC00927_zpsxvzsmqpl.jpg

Melati was in a very bad mood, not for the first time. She's been aggressive to the keepers and to JaeJae, who could swat hereasily, but is fortunately too good-natured to do so. After this feed, the shutter between this half of the enclosure and the other half with JaeJae in was shut. The keepers were a bit sad that this meant keeping Jae away from the cubs, as they think the cubs prefer him and his laid-back-ness to their mother!

 photo DSC00928_zpsuz0mdukv.jpg

Strange Days

And a strange film. In which he dies yet again.

 photo StrangeDays36.jpg

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