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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bobby was Magic

Then Abracadabra - he disappeared!

Thank goodness he left us with gems like this first. He's so big and beefy, and his hair is a dream.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Slice of Animal Life

As promised, here are some pictures from today's zoo visit. I haven't had time to put them into a movie.

The macaws got a special treat -
ice lollies with walnuts in.
They could hardly wait for the keepers to put them out
and kept dive-bombing them.

The new male gorilla, Kesho, has arrived.
He is gradually being introduced to the ladies.
He is a fine specimen.
He entertained us by shitting into his hand...

...then eating it.

Abi was sleeping alongside her cubs.
She looks to have a couple of shaved areas on her front legs.
One seems to be where a wound has been tended to,
the other from a drip or anaesthetic.
Even at 26 months, the cubs remain good friends.

Too Painful

There are some pictures from this that I just couldn't post.

How did he not get an Emmy for this?

Continuity query: Is Bobby on his way to work when he buys the brick off the beggar? If so, why is he wearing the brown suede jacket at the opening of the episode, then his smart stuff when he meets up with Frank, back in the jacket when he goes to get himself thrown in prison, then again at Frank's and when searching for Donny? The rest of the ensemble - shirt, t-shirt - all seem to be identical too.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Out and About

I've posted pictures of my favourite National Trust garden, Emmett's in Kent, once or twice before. I went again yesterday to clear out my lungs with its lovely fresh air, and was quite impressed by this new addition - a turf couch. It's comfortable, too.

Today I met up with my old school friend Jenny.

We went to Apsley House, The Duke of Wellington's London house, and the nearby Wellington Arch. Then we got on a bus to Trafalgar Square where we went to the National Gallery.

This is Jenny outside the Gallery.

There was an exhibition of how modern methods helped them find fakes, forgeries and mistakes, and make discoveries. It was really interesting.

Some of you may remember last year my post of some of the 1-hour displays people gave on the empty fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, the idea of the sculptor Anthony Gormley. The current exhibition is this ship-in-a-bottle:

The pigeons around the base give an idea of the scale.
Tomorrow - the zoo!

Zany Zealot at his Zenith

And he has such Zinging Zygomatic arches (that's cheekbones to you and me).

These are some of my worst pictures - the colours are washed out, and Bobby is squished. I need to make a new set of DVDs to get it right.

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