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Friday, August 20, 2010

A Slice of Animal Life

As promised, here are some pictures from today's zoo visit. I haven't had time to put them into a movie.

The macaws got a special treat -
ice lollies with walnuts in.
They could hardly wait for the keepers to put them out
and kept dive-bombing them.

The new male gorilla, Kesho, has arrived.
He is gradually being introduced to the ladies.
He is a fine specimen.
He entertained us by shitting into his hand...

...then eating it.

Abi was sleeping alongside her cubs.
She looks to have a couple of shaved areas on her front legs.
One seems to be where a wound has been tended to,
the other from a drip or anaesthetic.
Even at 26 months, the cubs remain good friends.


JoJo said...

Yes. Thank you for the gorilla shots. Ew ew ew ew ew ew . lol

Beautiful birds and cats though!

Music Wench said...

Aww...the cubs are so cute! And that gorilla reminds me of one I saw at the Honolulu Zoo when I was a child. It threw it's feces at us. Generally, I stay away from the primates. lol

SnarkAngel said...

Yes, a monkey through his feces at my father at a zoo once, just as a bird flew over him and crapped on his head. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I should have just skipped to the cute cubs, LOL.

potzina said...

This gorilla is... interesting! Bon app├ętit!!!

Ruby said...

Beautiful shots, Val!

BASRIC said...

I always love the bird shots. ☺

sixtwosue said...

I love how they have to put a sign up to tell people not to bang on the glass. I think if you do that, you should get put on the other side out of principle. Great pictures!

ann said...

beautiful pics val - they should wash kesho's mouth out with soap and water LOL

jazzy said...

Wildcats are just adorable.

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