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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Ultimate Squee

The thing I miss most about being under par is my regular visits to the zoo.

Then on Wednesday I heard the news - Melati, the little Sumatran tiger, had given birth to her big boyfriend Jae Jae's cub.

They still don't know the sex. But they had cameras set up to keep an eye on things, and filmed the birth, Melati's first maternal actions, and the cub's scrabblings to join mum while she watched in apparent disbelief.

They say she's being a great mum, and will bring the baby out when she's ready.

And so it goes. On and on

Still having wound problems, this time the left boob is infected and not healing. Wouldn't be surprised if that one needs another going over. My bank took a month to get me a new debit card, meanwhile the old one had expired, causing all sorts of problems. My complaint has been answered, but nothing is really to my satisfaction, so I will still change banks, and I am going to write to the Ombudsman. And then there's the phone. Two weeks ago I tried to report it as crackling, but they have tied their website into so many knots all I could do was send an email, which received no response. Last week I found the correct path to report a fault, and by this time the phone was cutting people off mid-call. I received no updates. I could not access my account because none of the four or five numbers on my bill was apparently my account number, and there was no other way to get in there. So I phoned up BT, who insisted my line had been tested and nothing was wrong (crackle, crackle). But if I would promise to pay nearly £130 should the fault wbe inside my house (oh I bet it would be, too) they would come and check the overhead lines outside. I refused, and then called Sky to transfer my line account to them (I already pay them for calls). BT still has to look after the line, but doesn't get the size of rental fee they used to! And guess what? Since I refused to pay the blackmail fee, my line has stopped crackling. Almost to the minute. Poor BT. You know what they say? Tough titties. Though of course, mine are not so tough at the moment... And to make up, there's a post of Bobby below.


Just a little taster of early, stern-looking Bobby.  photo Gemini184.jpg

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