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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ed Wood

All that time waiting for Vincent's part, and then it's over in a flash (no, sadly, not that sort of flash).

I loved this film. I thought it was absolutely hilarious, the more so for being true. I just resent that they didn't give Vincent time to develop his own Wellesian voice, and dubbed over him instead.

Incidentally, when listening to Desert Island Discs the other week, I heard Peter Sallis (the voice of Wallace in Wallace and Gromit) say he knew Welles well (er...could have put that better) and worked with him for some time. I thought it was interesting, anyway.

My New Toy

There is constant talk about installing smart meters in our homes to monitor our electricity use, but no one wants to bear the expense. The alternative is an electricity monitor. You can buy them, rent them from the manufacturer, or where I live you can borrow them from the library. There's quite a waiting list for that, though.

Today, in my local shopping centre, the Energy Saving Trust had a stall giving and collecting information, and giving away freebies. So this little baby

which should cost over £30, cost me absolutely ZILCH!
It's sitting beside me tell me I'm using just over a penny an hour at this minute. I've used nearly 4 pence since I started it up about an hour-and-a-half ago.
It can even tell me my what my greenhouse emissions are.
Sadly, as my heating and water from the hot tap are both supplied by gas, my new gadget (god I love gadgets) only tells me what I waste when I leave items on standby, or do not switch off an electric socket that has a little light on it. Since I already unplug everything I can when it's not in use (for my oven that can last for days, even weeks...) and have half-a-dozen low energy light bulbs in use, I'm probably saving all I can.
Oh look, the amount per hour just went down to 0.845 pence per hour! What changed? How can I do it again?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Crooked Hearts

Self-Made was on last night, reminding me how gorgeous Bobby was looking in between the trauma of his mother's death and his stay in the prison hospital wing.
It also reminded me that Charley, as I think it was Eliza said, still hasn't forgiven his father from this movie.

How come Marg Helgenberger is older than him in this, but gets to play someone younger
in CSI?

He makes this look so easy.

I like to imagine he's naked in this.

Need a hand, dear.

Can I run my fingers through your hair for you?

What do you have in those jeans?

Can I kiss it better?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lorenzo's Oil

I bought and watched this 1992 film last week, even though Vincent wasn't in it.

A month or two ago I said I had been asked to teach a kid with ALS. I was wrong. He has ALD - adrenoleukodystrophy, the condition that little Lorenzo Odone had. It develops between the ages of 5 and 10, passed on genetically by mother to son, and is usually fatal within a couple of years. But when Lorenzo deveolped the illness in the early 1980s, his parents were determined to pursue a treatment to help their son recover.

Ultimately their research led to a blend of oils that helped to stop the destruction of myeline, the substance that allows the brain to send messages throughout the body.

Though it appeared to make improvements in Lorenzo, and at the end of the film the hope was expressed that he would recover speech and some movement, it was already too late for him.

But the oil does halt further deterioration, and Lorenzo lived to the age of 30, dying just over a year ago, the day after his 30th birthday.

My little lad is 16, and has already suffered from the disease for 8 years. His brother is also a sufferer, but was diagnosed early because of the older boy, and a bone marrow transplant and Lorenzo's oil are keeping him healthy.

My student can blink to signify yes or no. Other movements are mostly, though not exclusively, involuntary. He is such a brave young man.

Adventures in Babysitting

My new copy of Salt On Our Skin arrived today, though it will be some time before I can cap it. The seller is amazing. I'd contacted him with my concerns about the language and not being able to remove subtitles. He removed subtitles from a copy and burnt me a spare in case the main one wouldn't work for me!

So, folks, never be afraid of ordering off Amazon from F1RSTCLASSDVD.

Meanwhile, here is what happened when our hunk turned FMJ fat into mechanic's muscle.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Salt On Our Skin

My original copy of this is on video, and Eliza kindly sent me a dvd a while back so that I could cap it. I've only just got round to it, and sadly it would not do what I wanted it to. In the end I only capped a very small amount, then hopped over to Amazon, where I found a copy for sale.

Knowing my luck, the subtitles won't turn off, or I won't be able to get it to play in English. These things happen to me too often.

Anyway, here's Gavin.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Men In Black

I just love the way Vincent portrays the alien-bug-in-an-ill-fitting-human-skin. Brilliant acting.

Monday, June 01, 2009


Over the last few days, I've tried a bit of capping of things missing from my collection. Mostly it's films that I never have the time to do in their entirety. I started with this episode of The Equaliser, and the unpleasant Thomas Marley Jr.

I want to put my hands where his are...

Was he gaining the tum for FMJ, or just losing it after? The episode is dated 1986, the film 1987, but there would have been a lot of time spent editing it before it came out.

For some reason, this picture was removed for violating Photobucket's terms of use. ???!!! It came one frame before the last picture above. What on earth do they think they saw there that was different?

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