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Saturday, September 16, 2006

6'4" is the perfect height

I just felt like seeing Vincent towering over people from his lovely, long legs and body, all in perfect proportion, complete with gorgeous, long hands and feet (not pictured), handsome face full of brilliantly observed expressions and oh, I could just go on forever. Just enjoy.

The Trolls Are Back!

These sick, sad, frustrated, small-minded women - who appear to think we've invaded Vincent's privacy by posting stills from his films! - are out in force again. Jill (DNY) is mentioned in comments on my Blog, so maybe they haven't been able to have a go on hers.

To all my dear friends who appreciate Vincent D'Onofrio for his immense talent, his tremendous good looks, and his apparently shy, sweet nature, I say BUGGER OFF TROLLS, YOU THINK WE ARE SICK, WE KNOW YOU ARE. YOU NEED PSYCHIATRIC HELP. You are also illiterate, so try studying English grammar and spelling before you embarrass yourselves by posting your drivel again on the Blog of an intelligent, educated Englishwoman, who happens to have a crush on Mr D'Onofrio and enjoys expressing it to like-minded intelligent women of all nationalities. It's harmless fun, Trolls. GET A LIFE.

Friday, September 15, 2006

An excuse for some neck shots

I really don't like protruding Adam's apples. For some time now I've thought that Vincent has no discernible one, and I thinks it's this that makes his neck so attractive. This is certainly proof that it doesn't detract from his masculinity.

Let's face it, even with a body wax and dressed in full drag with makeup and high heels, nothing could detract from this man's masculinity.

Blogger's Down But Not Out

More Naked Friday, as promised.
Thanks to the people who did these caps, I'm afraid I can't credit them 'cos I just copy and paste in blind lust without registering the provenance.
I don't know how post 300 came out, 'cos Blogger appears to be down for viewing the blogs, though it will let me build a post.
Naked tongues, anyway.

Arms, hands, shoulders, thigh, knee, curls, STUBBLE! Ooooh!
OK, not strictly naked, but hey, it's in the title, and I bet no-one complains!

300th POST

That's my lot, Blogger won't let me post any more.

I was really looking forward to making my 300th post last night, but for no apparent reason, Blogger posted number 299 twice. When I tried to delete the second one, Orange decided to cut off my broadband link and refused to accept my username or password, so I had no idea if I would be able to log on today. Strangely, this morning everything's fine. Mmm.

Anyway, there will have to be a post 300A because I haven't been able to add Happy Accidents or HOtel Paradise to this post.

Happy Naked Friday, folks.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Looking Fine in Season 3

Thanks to Frogger for the pictures, and to Blogger for posting the same one twice, after losing a stack!

Love the open neck.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Put together Blogger and Orange...

...and you get a lost post.
Except that when I checked this post, the other one had mysteriously appeared 10 minutes after a failed posting!

This is a poor substitute, but it was a random post and I have zillions of pictures to scroll randomly through, so the Black T-Shirt of Hotness is no longer here, but I couldn't let an evening go by without posting SOMETHING.

Random Plus

This started off as a random post, but it's a little difficult to re-find randomly chosen pictures when Blogger loses them if you try to post more than one at a time. But there's no hteme, just pictures I liked the look of as I scrolled through.

There's the "Ouch!" after the slap.

The knuckles under the mouth.

The dress blues.

Gorgeous man - who's he?

Tall gorgeous man.

More knuckles and mouths.

The Black T-Shirt of Hotness.

Furrowed brow and lovely lips (ears, nose...)

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