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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hello, Holly

Well, Hello Holly.
My, how I hope you're not one of the Hollys I teach! But I think they are a wee bit too young to appreciate the love Vincent D'Onofrio.
Have a collage, Holly. Always a pleasure to give a fellow Vincent-Vixen a treat, even at the cost of my eyesight (see previous post)...
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Reddick Meets His Match

He thinks he can match our Bobby's wits, but how wrong he is. When will these perps ever learn?

Be prepared for me to be absent for a day or two following these two new posts - I have a case of galloping conjunctivitis, and I cannot guarantee being able to watch the screen for very long. (But at least I've finally been able to see my slideshows!)I think my body just told me that it really does want me to slow down, but alas I cannot afford to give it its way, especially as it would mean letting people down to whom I've made a commitment. Watch this space.

Tormenting Dr Dwyer

I love the way Bobby does his thing when he realises that Dr Dwyer is a neat-freak.

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Further Seizure

I hope this is a new slideshow. I haven't actually seen one of my slideshows for days, thanks to Photobucket's inability to solve my problems.

"Free" Medical Treatment

JoJo wondered about medical/dental charges in the UK, thinking they were free. Not any more, not for most of use. At least, not all of them.

Medical treatment remains free. I can go to the doctor or the hospital and not incur any charges. If I need a prescription I have to pay (not sure of the exact amout, but around £6.75 per item). If I were under 18, on benefits, or of pensionable age, they would be free. In fact, for such people, everything is free. But there are some things that, if you want more than the basics, you have to pay extra for.

I pay for eye examinations, and I buy good glasses with quality lenses. I pay for dental examinations, and for treatment, though the prices are not extortionate. But when it comes to things like crowns, as with glasses, you pay more for better quality items. I could have bought a National Health Service porcelain crown for £180. There were various grades up to the best at £350, which of course I paid, as it was the first molar from the front.

On the otherhand, when I had my hip replacement, absolutely everything was free, from first x-ray, through the hospital stay and operation, to the drugs I needed post-surgery to home nurse visits to change dressings, to physiotherapy, right up to the insert they put in my shoes to rectify my leg length discrepancy. (only 2 pairs a year, though, and I'm told they pay £100 pair to the company that does it).

Of course, I pay for all this through my taxes, but it seems to me that it's worth every penny.

As long as you don't get MRSA...

Hi, Vikki

New visitor Vikki wondered on the Tuesday Treat post where she could get a copy of "Guy". Good question, Vikki! The answer - not so easy.

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If you live in the US, the Sundance channel may occasionally promise to show it, though JoJo will be able to tell you what happened last time. I think she had a power outage because of weather conditions, then they cancelled a showing shortly afterwards.

Sometimes you will find it on Ebay, but it's usually very expensive.(That's how I got it). I haven't tried Amazon or

If you don't have Sundance, stick around. People in Vincent-land are always happy to send copies to the underprivileged, unless fate intervenes, like it did with JoJo. If you are in the UK, there is always the wonderful Eliza. And some day, if I can ever figure out how to record things from Region 1 dvd on to my HDD then on to Region 2 dvd, I will be able to help out, too!

But trust me, even if you pay a fortune for the movie, it is worth every penny!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

So now I pay!

How right you all are that I need a rest (seven days a week would be good). But if you cast your minds back, there have been a few expenses recently, some of which were not elective, as it were, but some of which were pure extravagance. There were the glasses and the crown. There was the new computer, the Vincent shirt (still not here), the DVD of That Championship Season (ditto) - only have the video.

Well, unfortunately, these have to be paid for. OK, there's the credit card, but they insist I pay some off each month. So unfair!

As a supply teacher I only get paid when I actually work (again, very unfair!) and with Easter coming up, that's two weeks with only my pension which, even more unfairly, is not as large as it would be if I'd worked till 60. Swings and roundabouts - I'm not the least sorry to accept a smaller pension and not have to work every day.

Hang on - at the moment I DO work every day! I knew there was a flaw in there somewhere!

Another Seizure

Hooray! Photobucket has finally allowed me to make and post this slideshow!

But when I tried to post a load of single pictures, I found that only a third of my collection was visible. I hope you enjoy what I chose from my sadly limited supply.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I've been struggling for hours against a computer that only wants to give me grief. I've made a slideshow four times, only to lose it every time to a frozen computer. I still don't have it. When I tried to retrieve an earlier one, the slideshow tab on my photobucket album disappeared. All I've wanted to do for the last two hours is finish up and get ready for bed, so I'm afraid all I can offer is "one I did earlier" - from Seizure - which I've finally been allowed gracious access to.

Time Off

It's a great concept. I just don't seem to get any. In theory I work part-time since getting my early retirement. Last week I could have worked 8 days out of 5. This week I'll have worked every day except today (Wednesday), and I would have worked that if I hadn't had to have my new crown fitted.

Then I visited my cousin George. He's existing, but you couldn't say he's living. When the nurse left, she said, "See you later," and he replied, "The later the better" - typical George quick-wittedness, even though he didn't even appear to be awake at the time. He wants to go, but he's not getting his wish.

I don't want to think it takes George's funeral to make me refuse a day's work, so I really have to start saying no.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Treat

I haven't posted any Guy for a while, and I'm just in the mood (ie. I'm breathing!)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Homo Homini Lupis 3

The many faces of Bobby Goren - all of them gorgeous.

Healthy and FIT

How gorgeous does the lovely man look here? I'm sure everyone's seen these over at TheReel (to whom thanks) but I couldn't stop thinking how happy, healthy and groin-wettingly scrumptious he is in these pictures. After all the sadness we've seen in Goren over the past few months, it's good to see Vincent himself looking on top form. Carin, we are terminally jealous of you, but you obviously do him good.

Case of Evil - Review

This was waiting for me when I got home from work today, so I watched it as quickly as I could (some parts are rather slow and just beg to be FF'd).

It was more interesting than I had expected, even when Vincent was not on screen. I found it difficult to believe him old enough for a very young Sherlock to have encountered when Mycroft had his nasty experience. Vincent's accent was a bit Sherlock Holmes meets Pirates of the Caribbean with a bit of Yorkshire and shades of Irish thrown in. Not his best effort. We know from LOCI he can do an English accent at least for a few words.

Watching a leftie swordfighting with a rightie was a bit of a stretch. I don't think it would have happened. Lefties were made to use their right hands, and anyway, I'm pretty sure fighting lefthanded would have laid a swordsman open to all sorts of injury.

This was released in 2002, so it was made after he started making LOCI. He's proudly wearing his new teeth.

The Filmography shows him in something called The Muggle Boy in 2003 - WTF is that? Never heard of it before!

Pictures are not mine, so thanks to those who captured them - probably Eliza, though I can't tell by the tag.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Homo Homini Lupis 2

Attempt 3 for this slideshow. The first time there was no "Save Slideshow" button on the page. The second time it all froze up and had to be closed. I could actually see it for a while until I decided to enlarge it and change to "Fade".

Anyway, any excuse to see the lovely hands.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Are these of one of the beautiful hands? The first one could easily be a stand-in, the second - well, what do you think?

Poor little hedge fund guy, coming up against his worst nightmare.

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