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Sunday, December 07, 2014

All kitties great and small

It seems to me that I don't have many pictures of my one remaining cat, Twiglet. I've started to remedy that.

As she spends most of her time now on my bed, I didn't have much choice of scene.

 photo DSC00296_zps3e94bc84.jpg

 photo DSC00298_zpsd65d94cd.jpg

She looks pretty grumpy, but she's actually one of the best-natured cats imaginable.

Then there are the tigers. I didn't get any pictures of the cubs on Friday because they chose to sit in one of those places that makes photos difficult to take. But mum and dad were quite co-operative.

 photo DSC00304_zps9c9973f5.jpg

Jae-Jae looks stern but majestic

 photo DSC00302_zpsa3f4313a.jpg

Until he yawns...

 photo DSC00307_zps5af30219.jpg

Meanwhile Melati takes advantage of her rest from her young'uns to have a wash.


Ooh, super-creepy episode. Super-lovely Bobby.

 photo Slither121.jpg

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