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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Serve Her Right!

My friend was visiting last night. After checking out some Lolcats, we watched Purgatory. Then I gave her a choice - Vanishing Act or The Subway. I didn't really want to show her The Subway, 'cos it upsets me so much to watch it. "You know it's only acting," she said.

Well, that was that. The Subway it was.

(Thanks to Eliza for the picture)

I was too busy crying to see if she was too, but I think I saw her hand go to her eyes once or twice. She's not much of a crier, but...

Afterwards, she said she could remember seeing it before, but only remembered it as a two-hander between Vincent and Andre Braugher. She had no recollection of the other bits.

It was only after she'd gone that I remembered showing her the documentary about the making of the episode, so I guess that's what she was remembering.

She was going home by train. I wonder if she was wary of going too close to the edge of the platform?


Bobby at his cleverest. And his most delectable.

With a bonus lean.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Time to look back

I've been wanting to make a VDO video set to some Jimi Hendrix for ages, but the songs I wanted to use were all on Are You Experienced. I had the case, but the DVD was AWOL. The other day I managed to find another copy. Unfortunately YouTube will not let me use it for copyright reasons.

So I'm trying to see if Blogger will publish it direct.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

JoJo asked...

...what's wrong with Shepherds Bush. Not surprisingly, there aren't many pictures on the internet.

This is the tasteful building that houses the post office.

This is what you see on arriving at the railway station.
This is the new tube station as it was nearing completion, in an effort to make it more in keeping with the posh new shopping centre.

And here's the characterful little building it replaced.

I'll spare you pictures of the new Westfield shopping centre. If you really want to see it, I'll leave you to Google it. It has almost as much character as the new tube station.

Passer Une Nuit Blanche

That's the French for spending a sleepless night.

My beautiful blue-point Birman, Shelley, will be 18 next month - if he makes it. This picture was taken a year or two ago, when he was still doing well.

Shelley has been taking tablets for his kidneys for six years or more. For a while now he has spent his days in my bedroom with Jaspa (just visible at the back of the cat bed) for company, as befits his senior status.
Shelley's health has been deteriorating for some weeks. I've still been taking him down to the kitchen at night, but it's been cold there in during the bad weather, so he has a nice fleecy blanket, and a warming pad. He is so thin, he needs the extra warmth.
For a few days he has scarcely eaten anything, and he was snuffly, so I took him to the vet's to see if anything could buck him up. He had an antibiotic injection and a steroid one. His back legs have hardly any muscle tone and his organs are failing. But he's not yet ready to go. I'm hoping he just falls asleep one day and doesn't wake up, so that I don't have to take the final decision.
I've been desperate to make sure he finishes off the food or cat milk that contains his medication, and last night I decided he could stay in my bedroom all night. He got up for food, drink, the litter tray - and with my slippery bedclothes and without his open-weave throws, he couldn't get back up. Mum to the rescue.
Then he decided he wanted to sleep on my pillow. You have to understand that Shelley cannot wash himself at present, and even if he could, his teeth are so coated and his breath so rank, it wouldn't help matters. All I can do is clean him up with pet wipes. So being close to him is not the most pleasant experience on earth. Of course, having his whiskers tickle my face wasn't conducive to sleep either.
I dropped off at about 7.30 am. I got up at about 8.45.
Tonight Shelley will sleep in the kitchen again. I think he probably rests better without me to disturb him...


I find this episode really unbelievable - a respectable matriarch having her d-i-l killed and framing her son's mistress? Come on!

Unless someone knows something I don't know.

And because there are not many closeups in The Selection:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today I decided to try out the new Westfield Shopping Centre in west London. I took the Tube to Shepherds Bush. Sounds pleasantly rural and green, doesn't it? It isn't. If you spelled the name out, you'd get something like:



However, the shopping centre is clean and bright. And Clinical. The signage is appalling - you can't see the sign for the toilets until you are standing two inches away from it. If the end of the toilet roll disappears inside the holder, it's impossible to get it back out again. (I spend a lot of time looking for and using toilets when I'm out.)

However, there was one store that caught my attention:

Sadly, it sells kids' stuff, not hunky actors. Still, I had a few happy thoughts, and of course I just had to get a picture to share with you.

After all, this blog is called Life and Vincent.

The Pilgrim

This just has to be a favourite episode for all Bobby-lovers. Especially the uncompleted strip :)

And as the strip doesn't come into my number selection...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The numbers came up with a pretty good selection today (or Tomorrow...) but I couldn't resist an extra with shirt sleeves.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Yet another super-great episode. The usual numbers, plus 3 irresistable extras.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


No need for any bonuses today, but I couldn't resist including my favourite slideshow:

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