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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Good News/Bad News

While emailing Channel 5 about the missing episode of Criminal Minds I mentioned LOCI (there's a surprise!) and suggested that they steal a march on Hallmark like they did with House by showing Season 4 followed straight away by Seasons 5 and 6. With the original credits and theme tune. I didn't even mention the films, but this is what they replied:

We have acquired the rights to Series 4 of Law and Order: Criminal Intent but have no plans to screen it at present.
We also have the rights to a number of films starring Vincent D'Onofrio but have no plans to screen them at this time.
If there is anything further we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for your interest in Five.
Yours sincerely
Please note that the contact details for Five Customer Services are as follows:

Telephone: 0845 7 05 05 05 / 020 7421 7270
Text telephone for use by deaf people: 0845 7 41 37 87

Please, UK ladies, go to Channel 5's website and add some pressure - we have to show them how much we need our fix.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Beautiful Beast

Dandy was looking so gorgeous I just had to share him with everybody. He always has this lovely, open expression, and the only time he claws is when he's trying to hook your hand over to make a fuss of him (well, how dare you have a hand that ISN'T making a fuss of him!)

Lotta Otter Fun

For some obscure reason the otters were harvesting bamboo yesterday. This little fella is half way up a bamboo bush. I didn't even know otters could climb trees and things.

This sweetie found a cray fish (I think it had been put into the enclosure dead, I don't think he fished it) and he spent the next ten minutes keeping it away from allcomers till he'd sucked out all the innards. Bless!

Brave Bobby

I love Phantom. Clever Bobby and Alex tricking Charlotte into giving away information, then the whole shirtsleeves thing (cleverly rearranged at random by Blogger). Thanks to Eliza for capturing these moments so cleverly for us to share.

This is what Hallmark has in store for us next week, according to the Radio Times:
Saturday - Seizure
Sunday - Yesterday
Monday - Phantom (again, like today)
Tuesday - Seizure (again)
Wednesday - Faith
Thursday - Tuxedo Hill
Then on Friday they start Season 2.
So what happened to Maledictus and Badge? I'd email them to ask, but all they'd do is send another copy of their newsletter.
Oh well, at least it's Bobby.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh VDO Blogs Where Art Thou?

It's late and I'm tired, and I just thought I'd flick through my favourites before getting ready for bed. (This involves emptying today's soft food and droppings from the bird cages, replenishing dry food, changing water, feeding cats, changing cat litter and tonight putting out the rubbish and recycling for tomorrow mornign's collections. About an hour in all.)

But can I get on to The Valentine Cat, The Velocity of Vincent, any of Ann's blogs, Tamara's or most of the others I usually visit? Wendy's and DNY's were fine. I don't get it. ANyway, a few quick pictures of the lovely man seemed compulsory after all that disappointment.

Halloween at the Zoo

The keepers in their wisdom gave the lions some pumpkins to play with. It was difficult to get shots because people were crowding round the windows, and there was a film crew doing its stuff. There were also some sacks lying around, and I can only suppose they had infused them with catnip, 'cos the big cats were rubbing round them like kittens. There was so much movement going on it was a challenge to get pictures that weren't blurred.

When he'd had enough of the ruckus outside the window, the big male turned tail and tried to give us a shower!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bobby's Bum

I had barely asked for someone to cap this shot , and it arrived, thanks to the fantastic skills and generosity of the famously dedicated Eliza, the official Bobby's Fans' Friend!

Oh yes!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Butt Opportunity

We just had The Third Horseman on, and at the end, when they are on the roof opposite the judge's house, Bobby bends over to pick up the gun. There is a fantastic shot of his bum from the side that no-one seems yet to have captured.

This is an open invitation of those who pander to our obsession to sate our desires by capturing and posting this great shot.


He Ain't Hairy - He's My Lover

(With apologies to The Hollies)
I don't like my men too hairy.
Stubble is great. It makes it look like your man is so manly he has to shave at least twice a day.

Hairy backs are out (even though I married one).

A little bit of hair on the chest is fine. This amount looks just perfect.
I can't say I'm fond of eyebrows that meet in the middle.
I like a good head of hair.
Arms and legs should not be too hairy.
All of which points to the attributes of one perfect man.
Thanks to the usual suspects for the lovely pictures.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Film Star's Nose

Well, whoever told him he wouldn't make it because he didn't have a film star's nose - eat your words, sucker. His unspeakably cute proboscis is indisputably his, and he's a film star of the first order.

My, he looks tired in this picture.

With thanks to Eliza, TheReel, and anyone else I am unable to identify.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sorry Bloggers

I appear to have bought the Black Teeshirt of Hotness off Ebay.

I bunged in a bid just before logging off at lunchtime, but there were still nearly 3 hours to go, and I was sure I'd be outbid. But no, it looks like it's coming my way.

I wish there was a chance it hadn't been washed.

Maybe I can write to the man to ask for a sample of sweat to rub on to it...


In a day's work the lovely Vincent can be -
a loving, caring son


a wonderful kisser

great at breakfast

a sensational dancer

a fantastic lover

How could you even begin to be a wife to a man who spent his days being all these things - and being them so brilliantly?
But wouldn't it be great to try!
Thanks for the photos to those talented people who spend their hours giving us the pleasure of Vincent's company.

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