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Friday, December 05, 2008

My Eyes Were Opened

So there I was, reeling from the shock of the loss of those luscious curls, and what should happen but Blind Spot came on.

The contrast was huge, and reinforced what I had always thought - this is Bobby (or do I mean Vincent?) at his most handsome and attractive.

Crazy to be Scared...

...of Bobby. He's a softy when it comes to the deserving mentally fragile.

Time was when we thought his hair was short here.

So handsome.

"Who me?"

"I think there might be someone watching who would like to kiss my neck here."

There's just something about this pose.

"This is what the Vixens' tissues looked like after Endgame, Untethered, Purgatory and Framed."
And after attending to intimate care when watching you, darling.

"Ive lost the use of my left wrist."

Bobby speaks into an invisible microphone.

After lots of detecting, Goren takes a well-earned nap.

"I got these flowers for you, Val."

Det. Goren studies his feet in the hope of discovering what all the Size 13 fuss is about.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Any Hour of the Day or Night

Not just In The Wee Small Hours, I love Vincent. And Bobby.
Sorry - it's blurred, but I NEEDED this picture of The Thigh.

Double Bobby is always good value.

The back that launched a thousand Yips!

Just handsome.

And just handsome.

I really look up to you Vixens.

The tongue that launched a thousand licks.

Don't pout, Bobby.

Stunningly handsome.

"That's the one I want, bring her backstage."

We shouldn't be drooling over the hand/wrists etc.
Bobby's agonising over that nasty judge sending people to upset his mummy.

No mistaking that scornful expression.
I wonder what Bobby would be saying if they let him swear?

"You never told me any of this, Alex.
I might have to return your Secret Santa gift."

"Don't worry, Alex, I'll get my own back in Season 7."

Oh look, the pictures get smaller halfway through. They were captured in two different sessions. I'm just discovering what happened and putting it right. May mean a lot more capping in the future...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Religious Fervour

There are so many LOCI episodes where the theme relates to religion. Being anti-religion I only watch these because of Det. Goren, adding to the charge that fans of Vincent/Bobby don't really care about plot.

What's plot?

There are not many shots to make funny captions about, just a lot of very pretty Bobby pix.

Then there's this one. Don't ask, I have no idea.

This is the frame after the one usually shown. His demonic grin has just got even wider. Woof!

The sequence with the ball bearing lasts a couple of seconds,
but the number of stills I made is huge.
Just look at the length of that middle finger. It's the stuff of fantasy.

Bobby successfully ducks out of the way of the advancing Hallmark logo.

A couple more of the Beautiful Bobby pictures.

They make up for the lack of laughs.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Lock Me Up

and throw away the key. With you inside the cell too, of course.

"Help! The Vixens have chained me to this fence!"

"What are you doing down there?"

"I don't think I want to know what the Vixens put in this bag?"

Is Bobby saying the F word?

Shirt-tails! Cute!

Look at that neck. And the chest hair.

Bobby daydreams about the lovely Val (in the days when she was still lovely).

Drs Stern and Borman at your service. (OK, JoJo, over to you.)

"I'm playing hide-and-seek with the Vixens."
I think you'll find us all in the bedroom, Bobby.

"Just you leave my Vixens alone, dirtbag!"

Monday, December 01, 2008

Just a couple of tweaks...

...and it could be me and him.

Vince Vaughan - Mr D'Onofrio's good buddy - is dating one Kyla Weber.

Change his last name and her first, and you have VDO and MEEEEEE!

So near and yet so far.

Biggest and Best

All is not happiness and joy at One Police Plaza

Eames: I don't want to sound smug, but I was right.
Goren: (mumbles) No, I was right, I was right. (Sulk, sulk.)

"Can't I be right this time? PLEEEEAASE?"

(Sulk, sulk, sulk.)

"If I flaunt my wrists and eyelashes, maybe they'll give in."

"Val's on the phone - she says I'M right. So there!"

"Now the Captain thinks I'm wrong? Oh brother."

"You all know I'm right - so here are my lovely fingers to prove it."

"I told you my fans would go mental even for a shot of just my back.
I was right."

"Maybe next time you'll listen to me."

"Oh, and when I tilt my head like this, grown women scream and cry."

"I'm not telling you what they do when they see a shot like this."

"Ok, ok, they do this."

No we don't, Bobby, we go python spotting.

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