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Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Enemy Within

I can get on Photobucket today, so I thought I'd add a few bonus pictures from this episode, in the size (!) to which we have become accustomed.

If you click on one and go to the album, you will see what a total mess the computer made of the order. I have no idea how it can have done that, just because I renamed the pictures.

The understandably amorous phone glues itself to Bobby's ear.

How can stupid Irene resist?

Look at the little duck's tail!

Those eyes melt me. As for the curls...

The chair is me, and Bobby's hands are where mine want to be :)

I wouldn't mind being that pill bottle either.

I love the expression, the stance - and the little hint of a tum to come.

Wag that finger at me and I'll - suck it!

Nearly there, perp. The look says it all.

Three families. That's how many Bobby said Zaner brought down. I can only make it two.
Any suggestions?

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Little Blue Pill Episode

This is the first time I've capped Enemy Within. It cannot be the last. When I renamed the pictures, Windows completely randomized the order.

I managed to upload them to Photobucket, but it won't let me in to get at them, so here they are straight from my machine, so they will be smaller than usual.

Just look at those lovely brown eyes.
Not to mention those wonderful knees and thighs.
Ah, and the little blue pills, of course.
Then we have the arms, with the jacket stretched over the back.
Oh, and how the Big Boy dwarfs the little twit nurse.
Even his head looks massive in comparison.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Good Detective vs The Bad Doctor

Handsomely perfect and perfectly handsome.

Bobby encounters the annoying shrink.

"That's very nice." You want naked, Bobby, you don't have to make do with a painting.

You could use those hands much more productively over here, Bobby.

The doctor consents to an examination of his apartment. Another Goren triumph.

Only Bobby could concentrate so hard on footage of DRAINS!

Ooh, yes, using his size again!

Clever Bobby gets the doctor on the stand.

Can I warm up your red nose, please? And anything else that needs warming up...

Urban Adventurer

A few days ago I noticed someone (a stranger) was wearing sandals that would just suit my needs. She told me where she found them, and I went online to see if I could order them without the tricky journey going to the shop would entail.

I found that they had a store near my childhood stomping ground, and I decided to combine a visit to the store with a little exploration.

I was too late in the summer to find the sandals. But I managed to pass one of the few bits left of the naval history of Deptford, which is on the Thames. These are the gates of the old Royal Naval Victualling Yard.

St Nicholas' Church is a really ugly late 19th Century brick building, but the old tower remains. The top was apparently destroyed by a gale in 1901 and rebuilt in 1903 (only the old base is visible in this picture).

The only other thing of note is this marble plaque in the churchyard. It's as close as I can get to my current literary hero. I couldn't help thinking that a quote from Dr Faustus was not necessarily very apt in a churchyard!

I couldn't find a way to get down to where the statue of Peter The Great of Russia is. So many streets are dead ends now, or the way to the river bank is blocked by building works. But the thing that upset me most was the fact that they are building new flats by what they are calling Greenwich Creek. IT'S DEPTFORD CREEK! Bad enough that part of Deptford got transferred across into Greenwich, but to rename this historic waterway (OK, so most of it is really yucky) so that it might sound more appealing to Yuppies is a step too far. I hope they all get stuck behind the opening of the swing bridge across the Creek every day of their lives.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pardon my over-zealousness because...

...this was the watermark that came up too big, so:

Bobby's beautiful butt got covered up.

But we still have the shirtsleeves, vest and gun.


Here's my badge, little boy.

"Highlighting isn't stipulated in the warrant." Nor are hunky shoulders, Bobby.
Neither is that place on your neck that I HAVE to kiss before I die.

Astride the chair.

An expression to melt the eyeballs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet Poison


Forget the sniff - he has his hand on her chest!

The ankle :) But Bobby - black shoes and socks with navy trousers?

We do NOT need the tie to point the way!

Trying to explain to the thicko Brass.

Look at those biceps...

A glimpse of groin.

Don't argue with the hand, lift door.

Even more groin.

Woof, woof, roll over and beg - please prise MY hands apart.

Great Day Out

Today I visited my cousin June and her husband Mick in the Kent countryside. It was windy and threatened rain, so we couldn't do much except chat, something we all enjoy. We did pop out for a couple of hours in the afternoon, however, and ended up at Dungeness, one of the strangest places in the country.

The people who live on this gravelly stretch of coast have unusual dwellings with desert-like gardens. The film director Derek Jarman had a house here with a poem on the side and a garden filled with maritime "found" artefacts. The houses go for a bomb, but I wouldn't live there if you gave one to me.

There is a bird reserve at Dungeness, so obviously it is a site that is good for nature.

This is one of the lighthouses on the site. It is now inland, as a storm altered the coastline. This has happened more than once in recorded history. So why live in such a dodgy place?

Could it be because of the nuclear power station? Who wouldn't love to live near one of these, especially when it's built on such an unstable piece of the landscape? Every day of the year, a non-stop convoy of trucks full of gravel brings back the stuff that has washed away with the tides. It's so attractive a proposition that they are thinking of building a new one there now that the old one has outlived its useful life. Well, there are all those giant electricity pylons marching their way across the countryside, may as well continue to put them to good use.

The power station and pylons the locals are prepared to tolerate. Also the upgrading of the local 2-bit airport to international status.

But they mounted a massive protest about the new wind turbines that decorate the landscape with gentle white whirry blades. Much better to live with the possibility of nuclear meltdown.

During the journey (UK Vixens ought to get this) I only saw 2 Eddie Stobarts and 2 Norbert Dentressangles. The M20 motorway was very quiet, far fewer lorries than previous years, probably because Ashford International Station is no longer the embarkation point for the Channel Tunnel. After spending millions on making it state-of-the-art, the high speed rail link has moved elsewhere, though to add insult to injury, the line runs alongside the motorway for several miles, reminding the locals of what they've lost.

Funny old country. No extra money for the 2012 Olympics but we can throw good money away reinventing what we had that was already working fine.

Monday, August 18, 2008

O. Henry - The Green Door

After reading in the credits that The Investigator was based on this story I googled it, and found it is freely available to read online here.

It's quite short.

Extra Man? ONLY Man!

I still think Goren and Rodgers would make a good couple. Going out with Ross must have been an aberration.


Butt shot.

Me want kissy finger better!

Nearly gotcha.



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