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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Investigator

This copy of The Investigator came to me courtesy of VivB, and if anyone had told me I could make over 300 caps out of a film less than 30 minutes long, I would not have believed them!

The story is obscure, but Vincent's character is sweet, rather timid, and when he picks up the girl who (strangely!) faints at his feet, he makes it look as if no effort at all is involved.


Anonymous said...

I still have hardly any idea what's going on, but it doesn't matter, he's such a cutie-sweetie-pie; and it does contain the most chaste kiss he's ever given on screen - bless!

Eliza said...

This is a complete mystery to me...apart from knowing that I like it :-)

I think it's based on a short story called 'The Green Door',but I wouldn't swear to it right now

jazzy said...

so glad for you, val :)

my investigator hasn't arrived yet. i hate the germany mail service. HATE! HATE! what have they done to Ephraim? kidnapped? thrown in the english channel?

VivB said...

Fabulous caps Val. I love this film, even though it is a bit daft.His expressions are priceless.

Jazzy - maybe my postman is delivering your copy which means it will take forever to get to you.

SnarkAngel said...

He is just so damned ADORABLE in this! Thanks for these wonderful caps!

silly for Vincent said...

What a cutie pie!!I just want to eat him ailve!!!Nobody is cuter than this man!!
WOW...Vincent can wear any type of clothing,I jsut can't belive!!

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